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Learning Disability Classroom Tips
  • Provide students with a detailed course syllabus.
  • Spell out and discuss expectations before the course begins.
  • Use a chalkboard or overhead projector to outline lecture material, and then read material aloud.
  • Explain technical language, specific terminology, or foreign works orally and/or by handouts.
  • Emphasize important points and concepts orally and/or by highlighting them with colored pens on the overhead.
  • Speak distinctly and at a relaxed pace, pausing to respond to questions or for students to catch up in their notetaking.
  • Respond to nonverbal signals of confusion or frustration.
  • Provide periodic summaries during the lecture.
  • Provide assignments in writing and then orally review the assignment and what is expected.
  • Provide assignments in writing and then orally review the assignment and what is expected.
  • Describe diagrams, charts, and graphs in words.
  • Provide a suggested time line for long-range assignments.
  • Provide study questions for exams that demonstrate the format and content of test that will be used.
  • Announce reading assignments in advance so that students who are using taped material have time (about six weeks) to obtain them.
  • If necessary allow extra time for assignments.
  • Allow students to demonstrate mastery in course content by alternative methods of testing if necessary (extended time, oral exams, taped exams, or individually proctored exams in a separate room).
Source: Vogel, Susan A (1993) College Students with Learning Disabilities: A Handbook. Garret, Katherine and LaPorta, Sandra (1991) College Students & Learning Disabilities. National Center for Learning Disabilities, NY
For additional information please contact Andy Gaines
Counselor/Coordinator of Student Accommodations at 217-234-5259/ or Meghan McGreevy- Graduate Assistant at 217-234-5062/

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