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Do you want to go to college? Does getting there seem a bit overwhelming? We can help! We provide free assistance for students in our partnering schools to reach college. We even come to you! We meet monthly with students at their school. We also offer many other fun and helpful opportunities such as ACT prep classes, college campus visits, college prep nights, individual help, tutoring and much more. For more information call us or contact your school counselor. Don't wait, join today!

Career Exploration

We provide various opportunities such as career speakers, career site visits and career activities to assist students in exploring numerous careers.

College Exploration

We lead various games and activities to explore college options, degree options and how to best prepare for college.

Financial Literacy

We focus on the numerous ways students can pay for college and try to debunk the myth that it is unaffordable to them. We also lead fun games and activities to assist students in learning about money management and budgeting.

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Tips for Preparing for High School
Tips for Preparing for High School
  • Attend 8th grade orientation and/or meetings held by your school
  • Talk to your school guidance counselor about your plans for after high school and plan your high school classes accordingly
  • Challenge yourself by taking those classes that will help you the most in college
  • Get to know your teachers because they can provide you with a great letter of recommendation when you are ready to apply to college
  • Memorize your class schedule  so you can quickly head to each class
  • Learn the layout of the building and locate where each of your classes will be
  • Address concerns about personal or academic issues with a trusted adult right away (parent, teacher, school guidance counselor, TRiO Advisor)
  • Attend school on a regular basis
  • Complete all assignments on time
  • Stay organized by investing in folders or notebooks for each of your classes
  • Take good class notes and study them each night so you don’t have to cram the night before a test
  • Set goals, both personal and academic
  • Start planning early for college by visiting colleges, researching scholarships, volunteering, and attend monthly TRiO Workshops held at your school
  • Ask for help when you need it



Classes required to be considered well prepared for College

English 4 years

Math 3 years (including Algebra I and a higher level course such as Algebra II, geometry, or data analysis and statistics

Science 3 years (including at least two courses from biology, chemistry, or physics)

Social Studies 3 years

Foreign Language 2 years


Below are some links to help you do your best now and prepare for your future. Check them out!!!

Forms Mapping Your Future

Forms Drive of Your Life



Important Dates

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