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Pursuing a Degree or Certificate Program

Adult Ed Staff

Patricia Hemmett,
Adult Education and Literacy Supervisor
Phone: 217-235-0361

Brian D. Haskins,
Transition Coordinator
Phone: 217-235-0361

Managing College as an Adult

  • Keep Your Current Job
    Do you have a job you can’t afford to quit in order to attend school? You’re not alone! Almost 50% of our students work 21 or more hours per week.
  • Fit In
    You’ll be far from the oldest student in your classes. More than 40% of our students are 25 or older.
  • Grow Confidence in Yourself
    Whether you struggled in high school or haven’t been in school for years, statistics show you are likely to succeed in college. Around 60% of our adult students, ages 24 and up, earn a grades of B or higher.
  • You’ll Invest in Your Future
    For every credit hour you pay for at Lake Land College, you can expect a 125% return on your investment. Invest in education and you’ll double your money. Invest that same money in the bank with a 3% interest rate and it will take 14 years to achieve the same return.
  • You Can Bring Your Small Children with You
    The Lake Land College Child Care Lab has been serving the child care needs of campus parents and families for the past 24 years. Our licensed facility accepts children who are completely toilet trained, between the ages of 2–5. Children 6–10 years old are admitted for a summer program.

Thinking about going back to college can be a stressful experience. Most of our adult students worry about one or more of these:

At LLC, we have classes that can help you with your concerns. Experience shows us students enrolled in Strategies for Success 101 during their first semester earn higher grades, drop fewer classes and are more likely to be successful the remainder of their college career.

What are your strengths?

If you’re not sure what you would like to study, Career Services can help! Career Cruising, an online career guidance program, will lead you through a series of questions aimed to help determine the right profession for you. As you move through your education, Career Services offers a variety of services to help with career planning and execution. Create a career action plan, find an internship in your field of study and prepare for your professional job search with the help of Career Services professionals. All services are FREE and confidential.