Academic Catalog Models

Academic Catalog Models

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Medical Assistant-Track (CRT.MAP.TRK)

The Medical Assistant Certificate Track prepares the students for acceptance into the Medical Assisting Program (MAP), which begins in the fall semester only. The Medical Assisting Program is a special admission program. Applicants are instructed to begin their MAP application with the CRT.MAP. TRK major code. Students are counseled on admission requirements into the Medical Assisting Program as well as preparatory course work that will increase their success rate once they are accepted into the Medical Assisting program. Prerequisite course work is not required for acceptance. Once accepted into the Medical Assisting program, the director will change the program code to CRT.MAP. Interested students should submit the Intent to Enroll form found on the website.

Program requirements may change over time. Specific degree/graduation requirements are determined by a degree audit.

Download the MAP checklist for the complete application procedure.

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