Technical Program - Massage Therapy (Option 2) - Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL

Massage Therapy (Option 2) (CRT.MT)


The Massage Therapy curriculum is designed to prepare the individual in all areas of massage. Massage techniques and bodywork, anatomy, professionalism with clients, and business practices are included in the curriculum. In addition to tuition and fees, costs for the Massage Therapy program students include: workbooks, massage supplies, table, uniforms and the board exam/license fee.

Housed at the Lake Land College Kluthe Center in Effingham, Illinois, there are two options available for completion of the Massage Therapy program. Option 1 is a part-time nightMassage Therapy Program program lasting 5 semesters. Classes in this program begin each fall semester. Option 2 is an accelerated full-time day program lasting 3 semesters. Classes in the accelerated program begin each spring semester. Once admitted to one of the programs, the student must progress through the courses corresponding to the respective curriculum model. A "C" grade is required in all massage therapy curriculum courses for progression/completion. Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate and will be able to sit for one of three Illinois approved board exams.

Massage Therapy application requirements include admission to Lake Land College, completion of the Massage Therapy Program application form (obtained from the Program website), and completion of the COMPASS assessment tests. To be considered a candidate, students must have an application file completed by March 1 or July 1 for consideration for the 5-semester part-time night program beginning in the fall semester or October 1 or December 1 for consideration for the accelerated 3-semester full-time day program beginning in the spring semester.

See career track program Massage Therapy Track (CRT.MT.TRK) when selecting a major. 

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If Option 2 is not for you, please check out Option 1 by clicking here.

For more information contact:
Martha Mioux, Program Director
(217) 540-3551

* There are prerequisites or course requisites for this course
** Electives must be approved by Program Coordinator or Division Chair
one cross Course only offered fall semester
Footnote 2 Course only offered spring and summer semester
Footnote 3 Course only offered spring semester
Footnote 4 Courses offered in odd numbered years only
Footnote 5 Courses offered in even numbered years only
Footnote 6 SOS 050 Human Relations and PSY 271 Introduction to Psychology cannot be used as a social science elective
Footnote 7 Consult Academic Advisor for appropriate course
1 N/A
2 N/A

First Year
First Semester
BIO 050 Basic Anatomy and Physiology
MAS 055 Massage Therapy I (Module I) *
MAS 065 Massage Therapy II (Module 2) * +++
MAS 067 Pathology for the Massage Therapist ++
  Total Semester Hours:
Summer Term
MAS 060 Anatomy and Physiology for the Massage Therapist II * ++
MAS 075 Massage Therapy III *
MAS 077 Massage Clinic I *
  Total Semester Hours:
Third Semester
HED 178 Responding to Emergencies
MAS 070 or Ethics for the Massage Therapist +  
MAS 085 or Massage Therapy IV *  
MAS 087 or Massage Clinic II *  
BUS 089 Small Business Management
  Total Semester Hours:

Total Program Hours: 27.5