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Career Clusters

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Transfer Ready Programs

Agriculture (AS.AGR)

Art (AA.ART)

Biological Science (Non-Teaching) (AS.BIOL)

Business Administration (Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing) (AS.BA)

Business Education (AS.BE)

Chemistry (AS.CHEM)

Clinical Laboratory Science (Pre-Medical Laboratory Technology) (AS.CLS)

Conservation - Pre-Forestry (AS.CONSF)

Conservation - Pre-Wildlife (AS.CONSW)

Criminal Justice (AA.CJS)

Early Childhood Education (AS.ECHED)

Earth Science (Geology-Geography) (AS.EASC)

Economics (AS.ECO)

Elementary Education (AS.ELED)

Engineering (AES.ENGR)

English (AA.ENG)

Environmental Science (AS.ENSC)

Health Education (AS.HEAED)

History (AA.HIS)

Liberal Arts (AA.LAS)

Mathematics (AS.MATH)

Mathematics Education (AS.MAED)

Physical Education (AS.PHYED)

Physics (AS.PHYS)

Political Science (AA.PS)

Pre-Chiropractic (AS.PCHI)

Pre-Dentistry (AS.PDEN)

Pre-Engineering (AS.PENG)

Pre-Medicine (AS.PMED)

Pre-Nursing (AS.PNUR)

Pre-Pharmacy (AS.PPHM)

Pre-Physical Therapy (AS.PPTH)

Pre-Veterinary Medicine (AS.PVET)

Psychology (AA.PSY)

Recreation (AS.REC)

Science Education (AS.SCED)

Secondary Education (Biology Specialization) (AS.SCED.BIO)

Secondary Education (Chemistry Specialization) (AS.SCED.CHM)

Secondary Education (Physics Specialization) (AS.SCED.PHY)

Sociology/Social Work (AA.SSW)

Special Education (AS.SPED)

Speech Communication (AA.SPCH)

Workforce Ready Programs

If you see an orange checkmark (Extra info available) by your program title, click on it to learn important information as well as accessing checklists and special program applications.

Gainful employment
For more information regarding related occupations, graduation rates and program costs, click on the Gainful Employment icon next to the program title.

Accounting (AAS.ACC)

Accounting (CRT.ACC) Gainful Employment

Administrative Assistant - Executive (AAS.AAEXE)

Administrative Assistant - Legal (AAS.AALEG)

Administrative Assistant - Medical (AAS.AAMED)

Advanced Automation and Control Technology (CRT.AAC) Gainful Employment

Ag Power Technology (AAS.AGPWR)

Ag Power Technology (CRT.AGPWR) Gainful Employment

Agriculture Business (CRT.AGBUS) Gainful Employment

Agriculture Business and Supply (AAS.AGBUS)

Agriculture Production and Management (AAS.AGPRO)

Alternative Agriculture Production (AAS.ALAG)

Associate Degree in Liberal Studies (ALS.LIB)

Associate Degree in Nursing (AAS.ADN) Extra documents available Begin the Application Process

Associate Degree in Nursing Track (AAS.ADN.TRK) Extra documents available

Automotive Mechanic (CRT.AUTO) Gainful Employment

Automotive Technology (AAS.AUTO)

Basic Nurse Assisting Program (NDP.NA)

Basic Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program (NDP.BNA)

Broadcast Announcing (CRT.RTVAN) Gainful Employment

Building Construction Technology (AAS.BCT)

Child and Family Services (AAS.CFS)

Civil Engineering Technology (AAS.CET)

Civil Engineering Technology Cooperative Study Option (AAS.CETCO)

Civil Engineering Technology/Advanced Technical Studies (AAS.CETAT)

Commercial Truck Driver Training (NDP.CTDT)

Computer Applications Specialist (NDP.CMPAP) Gainful Employment

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology (AAS.CIM)

Computer Numerical Control Operator (NDP.CNCO)

Computer Numerical Control Programming (NDP.CNCP)

Computer Technician (CRT.COMTC) Gainful Employment

Computer Troubleshooting (NDP.CT) Gainful Employment

Computer-Aided Design (AAS.CAD)

Computer-Aided Drafting (CRT.CAD) Gainful Employment

Cosmetology (CRT.COS) Gainful Employment

Cosmetology Teacher (CRT.COSTR) Gainful Employment

Cosmetology Track (CRT.COS.TRK)

Criminal Justice Leadership

Crop Production (CRT.CROP) Gainful Employment

Dental Hygiene (AAS.DH) Extra documents available

Dental Hygiene Track (AAS.DH.TRK)

Desktop Publishing Graphic Design (AAS.DPGD)

Desktop Publishing Graphic Design (CRT.DPGD) Gainful Employment

E-Commerce Marketing (CRT.EMKT) Gainful Employment

Early Childhood Care and Education (AAS.ECE)

Electronic Communication Technician (CRT.ECT) Gainful Employment

Electronic Control Technology (AAS.ICS)

Electronic Engineering Technology (AAS.EET)

Electronic Systems Specialist (AAS.EETES)

Emergency Medical Services (NDP.EMS)

Entrepreneurship - Small Business Ownership (NDP.ENTRE) Gainful Employment

Esthetics (CRT.ESTH) Gainful Employment

Esthetics Track (CRT.ESTH.TRK)

Fire Science Technology

Geospatial Technology (NDP.GIS) Gainful Employment

Health Information and Medical Coding Online AAS Degree (AAS.HIMC)

Heating, Venting, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (CRT.HVAC) Gainful Employment

Horticulture (CRT.HRT) Gainful Employment

Horticulture Production and Landscape (AAS.HRT)

Human Services (AAS.HSP.SOC)

Industrial Maintenance (CRT.INDMT) Gainful Employment

Instrumentation and Control Technology (AAS.ICT)

IT - Computer Applications (AAS.ITAPS)

IT - Computer Applications (CRT.ITAPS) Gainful Employment

IT - Computer Game Development (CRT.ITGD) Gainful Employment

IT - Digital Media Specialist (CRT.ITDMS) Gainful Employment

IT - Network Administration (AAS.ITNET)

IT - Network Administration (CRT.ITNET) Gainful Employment

IT - Programming (AAS.ITPRO)

IT - Programming (CRT.ITPROG) Gainful Employment

IT - Web Technology (AAS.ITWEB)

IT - Web Technology (CRT.ITWEB) Gainful Employment

John Deere Tech (AAS.JDAT)

Law Enforcement (AAS.LE)

Law Enforcement Operations (NDP.LEO)

Livestock Production (CRT.LVST) Gainful Employment

Management (AAS.MGT)

Management (NDP.MGT) Gainful Employment

Marketing (AAS.MKTG)

Marketing (CRT.MKTG) Gainful Employment

Massage Therapy (CRT.MT) Extra documents available Gainful Employment

Massage Therapy Certificate Track (CRT.MT.TRK)

Mechanical - Electrical Technology (AAS.MET)

Medical Coding Specialist Online Certificate (CRT.MCS) Gainful Employment

Medical Transcriptionist (CRT.MDTRN) Gainful Employment

Nanny Child Care Provider (CRT.NCCP) Gainful Employment

Office Assistant/Receptionist (CRT.OFREC) Gainful Employment

Office Management (AAS.OFMGT)

Office Technology Skills - General (NDP.OFSK.GEN) Gainful Employment

Office Technology Skills - Medical (NDP.OFSK.MED) Gainful Employment

Office Technology Skills - MOS (NDP.OFSK.MOS) Gainful Employment

Paramedical Services (AAS.PS)

Paraprofessional Education - Teacher Aide (AAS.PRPRO)

Paraprofessional Education - Teacher Aide (CRT.PRPRO) Gainful Employment

Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS.PTA) Extra documents available

Physical Therapist Assistant Track (AAS.PTA.TRK)

Practical Nursing (CRT.PN) Extra documents available Gainful Employment Begin the Application Process

Practical Nursing Track (CRT.PN.TRK) Extra documents available Gainful Employment

Professional Sales (CRT.SALES) Gainful Employment

Programmable Logic Controllers (NDP.PLC)

Radio Broadcasting (CRT.RBRD) Gainful Employment

Radio-TV Broadcasting (AAS.RTV)

Renewable Energy (AAS.RNRG)

Renewable Energy (CRT.RENEW) Gainful Employment

Renewable Energy Management (CRT.REMG) Gainful Employment

Residential Wiring (NDP.RESWIR)

Sustainable Energy (NDP.SNRG)

TV Field/Studio Production (NDP.TVFS) Gainful Employment

Waste Water Operator (NDP.WWO)

Water Plant Operator (NDP.WPO)

Welding (AAS.WEL) Gainful Employment

Welding Technology (CRT.WEL)