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Course Proficiency

If reasonable evidence exists that a student possesses academic proficiency in a subject area, the student may petition to take a proficiency examination. Proficiency examinations are limited to those courses recommended by the division chairperson and approved by the dean. Students must complete a written petition and have it approved by the instructor of the course, their advisor, division chair, associate vice president for educational services, and the division chair of the subject area in which the course is offered.

An evaluation fee is required for a proficiency examination and must be paid in advance. The evaluation fee is $30 per credit hour. A grade will be given and the credit earned will be posted to the student’s transcript. No official record is made of failures. Tuition and fees will not be assessed for credit earned by proficiency examination.

Proficiency examinations are given with the following criteria:

  1. Examinations are given for post high school education and/or work experience from which no prior college credit has been received.

  2. Students will not be certified for academic credit in any course that they are not eligible to register for credit.

  3. A maximum of 16 semester hours of credit may be earned through proficiency examinations with a limit of eight semester hours for courses in one division.

  4. No proficiency examination may be taken after the student has enrolled in the course.

  5. Examinations may not be taken if a student has received credit for advanced work in the subject area beyond the course in which the examination is requested.

  6. The student must be admitted into the College and must not have audited or taken the course.

  7. Examinations may not be taken to raise grades or to remove a failing grade.