General Education Requirements Lake Land College

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General Education Requirements

Associate in Applied Science Degree
Communication Skills 3 Semester Hours
Social Science 3 Semester Hours
Mathematics/Science 2 Semester Hours
Health/Physical Education or
Strategies for Success or
2 Semester Hours
  10 Semester Hours

The remaining six (6) semester hours of general education are designated in the model schedules of the individual programs. These six semester hours must be taken in a minimum of two (2) of the following areas: communication skills, social science, mathematics, science, health, physical education, recreation or humanities. Students enrolled in an associate in applied science technology degree now have the option of a health elective, a PE elective or Strategies for Success as a general education requirement.

College Transfer


The purpose of general education is to provide all students with learning experiences that are necessary to enable them to maintain responsible and satisfying relationships to society and the environment. To that end, the Board of Trustees of Lake Land College has adopted the following as specific goals of general education:


Students will communicate professionally and effectively through

  1. Reading
  2. Listening/Observing
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

Critical Thinking

Students will apply critical thinking skills through

  1. Locating information
  2. Evaluating sources
  3. Analyzing data and arguments
  4. Interpreting initial results
  5. Transferring insights to new contexts

Problem Solving

Students will demonstrate scientific and quantitative problem-solving skills through

  1. Applying the scientific method
  2. Performing mathematical operations
  3. Interpreting tables and graphs
  4. Applying percentages, ratios, and averages


Students will recognize the unique characteristics of others through

  1. Understanding diverse cultural contributions
  2. Understanding multiple economic, geographical, or historical perspectives
  3. Understanding the values and actions of diverse populations


Students will demonstrate civic responsibility by

  1. Understanding the impact of human actions on society
  2. Understanding their role in a global society

Foundational Knowledge

Students will demonstrate foundational knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences.

Improving Human Relations

It is the policy of Lake Land College to include in its General Education requirements course work on improving human relations. This policy includes improvement in understanding about race, ethnicity, gender and diversity issues.

Each general education course will address the issues of race, ethnicity, gender and other issues as they relate to racism and sexual harassment as a part of the discipline. Each discipline will, as a part of the course, develop course work which is appropriate to that area of study.

General Education Requirements for Transfer Degrees

Lake Land College has adopted the General Education Core Curriculum of the Illinois Articulation Initiative as the general education requirement for the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees effective with students entering the College summer 1998 or thereafter. Associate in Engineering Science The AES degree is designed for students to complete some of the General Education requirements at the senior institution.