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Health Education - HED
Food Service Sanitation
HED 046

This course covers the principles of food microbiology, sources, and types of foodborne illness, personal hygiene, and all other rules and regulations for the safe handling of food.

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HED 102

A course in nutritional education including: food groups, diet goals, energy nutrients, digestion, absorption and metabolism. Water, vitamins, and minerals will be studied. Diet analysis and disease of digestion will be covered.

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First Aid Review
HED 177

A review of the latest methods used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A renewed CPR card will be given at the successful completion of the course.

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Responding to Emergencies
HED 178

The purpose of the American Red Cross Responding to Emergency course is to provide the citizen responder with the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life.

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Advanced 1st Aid and CPR
HED 179

Studies all phases of advanced first aid and safety. Also includes Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Students receive an Advanced First Aid card and a CPR card with the successful completion of the course.

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Principles of Health
HED 200

This course is designed to explore the most important health issues current and past. Helping students to make responsible decisions that will affect them throughout their life. Focus will be on interrelating behavior with one's own health decisions.

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Community Health
HED 270

A study of public health, school health, occupational health, social and recreational services and self-care.

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Disease Processes
HED 290

The course details with the epidemiology of the major communicable diseases and the causative factors of the degenerative diseases. Historical aspects of diseases are studied. The system of human immunity is the second unit covered.

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