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Horticulture - HRT
Soil, Media and Fertility
HRT 041

This course provides an overview of soil and media resources. Students will learn soil and media properties related to plant growth, including soil pH, fertility, and organic matter. Water drainage, composting, and soil conservation practices are also covered.

Integrated Pest Management
HRT 042

This course focuses on pest identification, control principles, chemical application, and safety requirements in the horticulture field. Both natural and chemical methods of pest control are covered. Students will review Illinois general standards for pesticide operators/applicators.

Ornamental Plant Production
HRT 043

This course emphasizes ornamental plant production within greenhouse or nursery operations. Students will learn every step of the production process from sterilizing a facility, propagating plants, and plant maintenance, to selling of plant stock.

Turf and Grounds Management
HRT 044

This course introduces basic turf and maintenance principles needed for entry level employment in the landscaping field. Emphasis is placed on obtaining skills in turf installation, disease management, and general maintenance tasks.

Plant ID and Usage
HRT 047

This course provides the foundation for horticulture students to properly identify plants according to a plant's structure, leaves, and fruit. Plant features are discussed to identify appropriate use in landscaping design.

Landscape Design & Construction
HRT 048

This course covers basic principles of landscape design, designing process, site preparation, construction of garden structures, and final plant installation. Landscapes designs include both hardscapes and plantscapes.

Introduction to Horticulture Science
HRT 040

This course provides an introduction to the structure, development, and reproduction of plants. Various branches of horticulture science are reviewed. The course summarizes the environmental effects on plant biology and principles applied to the practice of plant production.

Food Crop Production
HRT 050

This course introduces food production principles, including sustainable practices. Students will learn propagation techniques, cultural requirements, harvesting and storage procedures in the development of a small-plot farm plan.

Nursery Operations
HRT 045

This course includes principles of woody plant production from planting to salable plants. Cultural procedures for field and container nursery production will be introduced. Approved practices of fertilization, pest control, planting, irrigation, over-wintering and harvesting are introduced.

Landscape Plant Maintenance
HRT 049

This course covers principles for maintaining landscapes through proper care, fertilization, irrigation, disease and pest control, pruning and other techniques.

Woody Plants Identification
HRT 061

A study in the identification of deciduous trees and shrubs used primarily in landscaping. Emphasis is placed on cultural requirements of the plants, their natural habitat, and plant usage.

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Evergreen/Vines & Ground Cover
HRT 063

A study in the identification, selection, use, propagation, and cultural requirements of woody and herbaceous ground covers, vines, needled evergreens, and broad-leaved evergreen plants.

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Turf Management
HRT 066

Methods of establishment and maintenance of turfgrass for lawns, public grounds, and recreational areas. Also includes the identification and management of plant and soil materials in different environments.

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Herbaceous Landscape Plants
HRT 071

A study in the identification, selection, and use of herbaceous plants primarily used in the landscape, including perennials, biennials, ornamental grasses, wildflowers and specialty annuals. Emphasis is placed on cultural requirements of the plants, propagation, and plant usage.

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Greenhouse Mgt and Production
HRT 076

A study of the commercial production of floricultural crops, including greenhouse construction, management and operation. Attention will be given to the production of better plants through the study of temperature, light, soil, nutrition, scheduling, propagation methods, and plant breeding.

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Landscape Design
HRT 081

This class will cover the basic principles of landscape design, methods and techniques of the landscape design process for residential and commercial settings, including an appreciation of various landscape theories and objectives, art in landscape design, and special landscape problems.

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Landscape Construction & Maint
HRT 082

Students will learn construction methods for residential and small commercial landscapes; selection and installation of plants; techniques and uses of materials related to various landscape features; prepare cost estimates; control of landscape diseases and pests; and maintenance of landscape areas.

Course Outline

Introduction to Horticulture
HRT 201

A study and introduction to the principles and practices involved in the development, production, and use of horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, greenhouse, turf, nursery, floral, and landscape). Course will include a broad overview of the green industry including propagation, production and design.

Course Outline

Herbaceous Landscape Plants II
HRT 072

Covers the identification and use of flowering (bedding) annuals, specialty annuals, and tropical plants used for outdoor displays. Improvement in selection, changes in marketing and branding, and new trends are discussed. Emphasis is placed on use in the Illinois landscape.

Course Outline

Landscape Design II-Layout/Graphics
HRT 083

This course reviews the design processes and techniques as they apply to residential landscape designs and integrates them into landscape projects. Course will include pen and ink graphic design techniques, freehand sketching, preparing quick designs, perspective sketching, and color drawing.

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Supervised Occupational Experience I
HRT 091

This course provides introductory on the job experience as a full-time employee in selected horticulture production or landscaping.

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Supervised Occupational Experience II
HRT 092

This course provides intermediate level on the job experience as a full-time employee in selected horticulture production or landscaping occupation.

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Supervised Occupational Experience III
HRT 093

This course provides advanced on the job experience as a full-time employee in selected horticulture production or landscaping occupation.

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