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Psychology - PSY
PSY 271

Focuses on psychology as a science, introducing concepts and research in a variety of subfields, including neuroscience, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning and memory, cognition, motivation and emotion, development, personality, disorders and therapy, and social psychology.

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Abnormal Psychology
PSY 273

Takes an integrative approach to psychopathology. Areas of study include research methods; clinical assessment and diagnosis; descriptions, causes, and treatments of the major psychological disorders; and legal and ethical issues in abnormal psychology.

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Child Development
PSY 274

Study of theories and methods used to study development, from conception to adolescence. Topics include physical, sensory and perceptual, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and gender development, as well as family, peer, and institutional influences on development.

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The Psychology of Maturity and Old Age
PSY 275

Study of theories and research findings in the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development of individuals past middle age.

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Social Psychology
PSY 277

Study of social behavior including research methods, attitude formation and changes, social cognition, interpersonal relations, group processes, and social influences.

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Family Relations
PSY 278

Examines how intimate relationships are formed and maintained and why they sometimes fail. Theory and research on attraction, social cognition, communication, interdependency, friendship, love, sexuality, conflict, power, and violence are areas of focus.

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Human Dev/Life Span
PSY 279

Study of theories and research findings in physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development from conception through death.

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