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Sociology - SOC
Introduction to Sociology
SOC 280

Study of human interaction focusing on social influences shaping personality, structure and dynamics of human society. Topics include: sociological perspective, culture, society, social interaction; social change in global perspective; socialization; families; social class; and social stratification; race and ethnicity; and deviance.

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Social Problems
SOC 282

An issue oriented course. Among the issues covered are how sociologists view social problems, the changing family, poverty, race and ethnic relations, aging, crime and criminal justice, human sexual behavior, problems of physical and mental illness, urban problems, and other areas based upon student interests.

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Sociology/Deviant Behavior
SOC 284

Nature and dynamics of deviant behavior. The course includes theories of deviance, social control and forms of deviant behavior. Forms may include drug use, sexual behavior (prostitution and pornography), personal violence, crime and delinquency and mental disorders.

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Racial and Ethnic Groups
SOC 286

An examination of American racial and ethnic diversity with an attempt to understand racial and ethnic relations. The examination is made emphasizing the sociological perspective while including material from the other social sciences.

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