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Social Science - SOS
Introduction to Research Methods
SOS 283

Examination of social science research methods from theoretical, applied and ethical points of view. Acquaints students with qualitative and quantitative techniques and procedures used to measure human behavior, gather and analyze data, and evaluate and report on findings.

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American Culture
SOS 099

This course will provide a survey of the major intellectual, literary and cultural developments in the United States from the colonial period to the present. The course mainstreams the contributions of America's diverse cultural constituency.

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Human Relations
SOS 050

Provides an understanding of the human mechanism when associated with interpersonal relationships on the job. Emphasis is placed on vocational problems connected with motivation, communication, perception and how to work with others.

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Death and Dying
SOS 235

This course focuses on the psychological and sociological effects of dying and death in our modern American Culture. Major areas studied are: psychological changes a dying person experiences; survivors and grief; death and the child; the funeral; demography of death; contemporary issues.

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