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Residential Weatherization
TBI 027

Successful completion of this course certifies contractors to meet Illinois Home Weatherization Program (IHWAP) standards for building weatherization. Includes blower-door testing and recommended weather sealing techniques to achieve improved resident comfort and energy cost savings. (Repeatable 3 Times)

Elect Theory & Troubleshooting
TBI 029

Provides the fundamentals of physics associated with electricity, voltage, current, resistance & power. Compares D.C. and A.C. Covers measurements, controls, loads and troubleshooting and safety.

Pract Electricity
TBI 010

Introduction to the principles of electricity that apply to electrical wiring. Included are the concepts of voltage, current, resistance, and electrical power.

Applied Industrial Electricity
TBI 011

Students will understand the basics of industrial electrical components and how to test, replace and analyze failures in an industrial setting.

Bsc/Alt Curr System
TBI 014

Focuses on providing the fundamental A.C. electrical knowledge required to perform basic electrical maintenance tasks. Special emphasis on basic concepts and industrial needs.

Adv Indust Electrical Systems
TBI 015

Students will understand the basics of variable frequency drives, electrical braking methods, reduced voltage starting, AC & DC motors. Students will understand how to program, install and troubleshoot variable frequency drives and advanced systems.

PLC Troubleshooting
TBI 016

Students will understand basic PLC operation, troubleshooting and basic programming using RSLogix 500 software and Allen Bradley PLC's.

PLC Programming I
TBI 017

Students will understand PLC programming using RSLogix 500 software and Allen Bradley PLC's. Topics include Shift registers, Sequencers, Word compare, Data handling instructions, and Math instructions.

Test Equipment Use
TBI 020

Use of various pieces of equipment for testing electronic systems. (Does not apply to Associate Degree.)

Serv Elec Motors
TBI 021

Introduces principles of servicing electric motors with a minimum of theory. Single Phase, Split Phase, Universal, and Capacitor start motors are discussed.

Maintaining Fluid Power Sys
TBI 023

This course provides practical skills training for employees to maintain common hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in manufacturing environments.

Programmable Controllers
TBI 024

This course is an introduction to industrial programmable controllers. Most of the material covered will be for the Allen Bradley PLC-2/30 controller.

Geometric Tolerancing
TBI 025

A study of basic geometric tolerancing and dimensioning.

Intro Electronics
TBI 028

Provides the fundamentals of energy, electricity, voltage, current, and power concepts. Compares D.C. and A.C. sources and basic instrumentation.

Basic C.N.C. Machining
TBI 033

Introduction of Computer Numerical Controlled machine tool operation and programming. The steps necessary to go from a design to a finished component.

Bsc Mechanics/Indus
TBI 039

Provides practical knowledge of basic mechanical components, hand tools and safety procedures used in industry.

Basic Electrical Meter Applications
TBI 026

Line Technicians employed in the electrical utility contracting industry learn principles and practices for properly installing, maintaining, and inspecting kilowatt-hour meters.