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Illinois Certification Testing System Basic Skills Diagnostic Test

Test Framework - The Basic Skills Test Framework provides information on the content covered on the basic skills test in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Writing. The framework is a great starting point to preparing for the test. The framework can be found at  under the link for the Basic Skills Diagnostic Practice Test.  The Basic Skills Diagnostic Practice Test is an interactive computer program that contains a full-length practice test form for the Basic Skills test, including questions for the Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, and Mathematics subareas of the test. In addition, a constructed-response writing assignment, and sample responses to the practice test writing assignment is provided to assist in the preparation for the Writing subarea. The program also includes a tutorial providing instructions on how to use and navigate through the practice test, and scoring of and correct answer explanations for the multiple-choice questions. The test is available at

Basic Skills Preparation Program (developed by Illinois Community College Board) - The Basic Skills Test Preparation program is a web-based tutorial that works through all areas covered on the Basic Skills Test. To utilize the site you will need to register. The website is At the website click Register Student and then enter the EIU passcode which is 2UGH1RCCGM. You will then need to complete the information on the screen and then will be granted access to the preparation materials.

Reading Center - The EIU Reading Center in Room 1320 Buzzard Hall ( offers an array of services for students preparing for the Basic Skills Test, providing workshops and individualized programs. Excellent skill building programs are available to assist students with reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. The programs take students through practice test assessments with prescriptive exercises to build those skills essential to passing the Basic Skills Test.

Commercial Guides (Illinois Basic Skills Test and ACT Study Guides) - Many commercial test preparation publishers have developed study guides for the Illinois Basic Skills Test. These study guides can be found at bookstores or on-line through sites such as Amazon. In addition to the Illinois Basic Skills Test Preparation books, many students have found ACT Study Guides a help in preparing for the test.

High School Texts (especially Math) available in the EIU Booth Library - The Ballenger Teacher Center in Booth Library has numerous high school textbooks in Mathematics and English that might assist you in reviewing the concepts covered on the Basic Skills Test. 

Tutors (private or commercial).- Consider seeking assistance from a former teacher or friend with exceptionally strong skills in the given area in which you need help.   You may also check out Lake Land College Tutoring Services by calling 217/234-5366 or by clicking on for assistance in tutoring for math and English.

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