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Renewable Energy Certificate

Sustainable Energy Certificate

AAS in Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Management Certificate

Course Listings

EET 065  
Home Technology Integration

EET 068  
Photovoltaic Systems

EET 070  
Photovoltaic Technician

TEC 057  
Introduction to Renewable Energy

TEC 058  
Alternative Energy

TEC 063  
Electric Power Distribution

TEC 064  

TEC 067  
Smart Grid Introduction

WND 040  
Introduction to Wind Technology

WND 041  
Wind Technology Maintenance I

WND 042  
Tower Rescue and Competent Climber


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Add Green to your Career


What are green technologies?

Energy Efficiency and Weatherization
Green Construction/LEED
Renewable and Alternative Energy

Renewable energy comes from the sun, wind, water, biomass, wave power, and earth.  In fact, except for geothermal energy, all renewable energy derives from the sun.  The sunlight can be harvested directly using solar panels; its heat can be used to warm homes and produce domestic hot water.  Uneven heating of the earth causes wind that can power wind turbines or make waves which can generate electricity.  Rainfall and climate can produce biomass or hydroelectric generation with surplus water runoff.  All of these forms of renewable energy can be used instead of fossil-based power to meet our energy needs.

Alternative energy is just another form of energy produced by unconventional means.  Electric-powered vehicles, fuel cells, liquefied natural gas for transportation fuel, and methane gas harvesting from landfills are just a few.

Career pathways for renewable & alternative energy are very diverse.  Whether we are installing solar panels, pool heaters, or domestic hot water heaters, wind turbines, operating a methane recovery center, developing electric vehicles, researching biofuels, or developing new forms of energy to power our lives, there are also a lot of support careers that are needed in addition.  We need electricians to install electrical equipment, plumbers for water heating, carpenters for building more efficient homes, transportation managers to move equipment to development sites, engineers to integrate renewable energy into the conventional energy grid, scientists, technicians and managers to manage projects, etc.  The new technology and the needs to make it work are an entirely new industry.

Lake Land offers TEC 057, Introduction to Renewable Energy, TEC 058, Alternative Energy, and TEC 066, Resource Sustainability.  These courses are the foundation to many pathways found in the renewable energy economy.



Resource Sustainability
Smart Grid Technology
Solar Energy
Wind Power


Future of Green Jobs

Future of Green Jobs

Lake Land College’s Technology faculty are creating programs and courses that meet current technical demands as well as the business side of the growing sustainability field. The programs span from learning technical skills, installing renewable energy systems, and servicing equipment to gaining business knowledge to run sustainable offices, handle sales or market new renewable energy products and services.

Future courses and programs will include training in low-impact, energy efficient construction techniques, integration of digital networks in home construction, training in SCADA, wind energy, smart grid operation, renewable & alternative energy, energy efficiency & weatherization, resource sustainability, solar thermal applications, bioenergy, and site assessment for renewable energy.

Three new certificates and one degree program have been developed will provide opportunities to specialize in green technology, earn an associate degree, or prepare for additional training at a four-year college or university.


Adra Baldwin
CBJT Training Coordinator
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Director of Sustainability
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Coordinator Special Projects
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Renewable Energy Instructor/Coordinator
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Division Chair Technology/Civil Engineering Tech Instructor
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