Regional Programs

Lake Land College’s Dual Credit Program partners with organizations throughout the district. Below are some of the partnerships. If you would like to partner with Lake Land College’s Dual Credit Program, please contact us.

Dual Enrollment Courses/College Level Credit Partnerships


CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) is based on the successful program. Entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare people, especially youth, to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities. Students are immersed in real life learning experiences with the opportunity to take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes. Participants of this program have optional 4 credit hours of College Level Credit of CEO INS-299 (INS stands for Independent Study) and 3 credit hours of BUS-089 Small Business Management. In-district students in Effingham, Cumberland, Shelby and Douglas are currently eligible for CEO dual credit. Visit here for more info: or


ClassE is an entrepreneurial development class that aims to educate Coles County high school juniors and seniors about the opportunities and challenges of starting and running a new business venture. In this experiential learning dual-credit class, the students are selected through an application process, and learn about what it is like to be an entrepreneur and start their very own business. By touring and interacting with more than 82 Coles County business owners and working on a group business with fellow classmates, students will develop leadership and professional skills that are important for success. Participants of this program may opt into BUS 079 Professional Development & BUS 092 The Principles of Selling in the Fall with BUS 089 Small Business Management being offered in the Spring.

Intro to Automotive Programs

In partnership with Eastern Illinois Education for Employment Services, Lake Land College offers the Intro to Automotive program to high school juniors and seniors. This opportunity provides students with education to careers, hand-on training, an OSHA 10 card, basic welding processes, and much more. The courses are taught on campus from approximately 8 -10 a.m. Monday-Friday and might include some online learning. Program participation costs are $500 per semester per student, which the student pays to their school district. The programs save students between $800-$900! Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from class and must have excellent attendance. These programs are contingent on enough participation each year. If you would like to know more about these programs, please contact Laura Sullivan,

Health Occupations

The Health Occupations program is a health science technology program designed primarily for high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in a health care field. Basic Nurse Assistant training program guidelines as set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health are followed. The curriculum includes the study of health care careers, basic anatomy and physiology and hands-on clinical experiences with facility patients.

This course is a dual credit course with Lake Land College that awards 11 college credits, AHE 040 Basic Nurse Assistant (8 credits) and AHE 051 Health Careers (3 credits), upon successful completion. Students will also have the opportunity to sit for the State Competency Exam (CNA test) at the end of the course. This program is another example of the College’s partnerships with Eastern Illinois Education for Employment Services

Edgar-Clark County Career Exploration – ECCEL

A leadership opportunity for students in Edgar and Clark County high schools. Students receive college level credit in TEC 090 and TEC 043. This program allows schools, businesses, and community leaders to strengthen relationships in order to invest in human capital and workforce development. The goal is to provide employment opportunities and instill the small town values of hard work, determination, and citizenship in both high school and college graduates in the area.

Effingham Regional Career Academy (ERCA)

The Effingham Regional Career Academy (ERCA), a public/private partnership between business, education and the community, teaches skills and knowledge needed in the current and future job market. Its mission is to attract, retain and grow area businesses by providing sustainable pathways to high skill, high demand careers for high school students, adult learners and incumbent workers.


Mattoon School District introduces Leaders Innovating for Tomorrow, a regional innovation and technology center offering 7 different career pathways for high school students. Lake Land Dual Credit Program is partnering with LIFT to offering dual credit in the areas of child care, broadcasting, and HVAC. Please visit their website at ENROLL | Leaders Innovating for Tomorrow ( or contact McLain Schaefer at to enroll.

Youth Apprenticeships

Youth apprentices are sponsored by an employer who seeks to help develop their skills and experience both on-the-job and in the classroom to build towards a successful career path within their company. Youth apprentices complete dual credit coursework and work part-time hours while they finish high school, then move into full-time employment and a degree or certificate program at Lake Land College following graduation. The employer pays for the apprentice’s tuition and fees, while the apprentice works with an assigned on-the-job mentor to master the skills required to succeed in their occupation. Throughout the apprenticeship, the apprentice earns a progressive wage which increases as they gain experience and complete coursework. Some employers may require youth apprentices to sign a formal contract requiring a number of years of service in exchange for the tuition sponsorship; apprentices who leave an apprenticeship program while still in school may be held responsible for a prorated amount of their tuition and fees.

Rural Education Delivery System (REDS) Project.

The REDS initiative is a Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program via the United States Department of Agriculture. The mission of the Rural Education Delivery System (REDS) project is to increase outreach to rural high schools in the Lake Land College District; meet the need for more qualified instructors; and grow college attendance and readiness among students. The current program is a partnership between Lake Land area high schools: Cowden-Herrick High School, Oakland High School, Ramsey High School, St. Elmo Jr/Sr High School, and Windsor Jr/Sr High School. The courses are taught remotely using the Hyflex classroom technology located in each partner’s facility.

Additional Information

Interested in these programs or a class that is not on this list? The Dual Credit Program is here to help you determine the best options for your students! Email to get started today!

All students wishing to enroll in Dual Credit Programming must complete a Dual Credit Intent to Enroll. Students only need to complete this form one time. Placement scores are required for Math and English courses.