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Lake Land College’s annual Foundation Photography Show awards prizes, recognizing local photographers

March 11, 2014
The Lake Land College Foundation Photography Show, sponsored by the General Electric Mattoon Lamp Plant, was a record-breaking event in its 35th year as it brought in 28 professional entries, 95 amateur entries and 71 student entries from all over east central Illinois. 
Awards were presented during a recent ceremony in three categories for professionals, amateurs and students with traditional film and digital photographs. This year’s judge was Jason Martini of Chicago and the theme of the show was “Street Photography.” 
Taking the title of “Best in Show” in the student division was Paris High School student, Charlee Walker for her photograph entitled “Buzz.” In the professional/amateur division, “Best of Show” went to Dixie Lee Howard, Toledo, for her photograph entitled “Going to Market.” 
Winners for each category are as follows:
Category One: any subject, color print, film or digital
Professional: Ron Ghere, Mattoon, “Savannah in Red”
Amateur: Joe Bicknell, Lovington, “Fall Harvest”
Student: Charlee Walter, Paris, “Buzz”
Category Two: any subject, black and white print, film or digital;
Professional: Thomas Dagley, Marshall, “Tribune”
Amateur: Roberta Brennan, Tuscola, “Glenda” 
Student: Charlee Walker, Paris, “Fledging”
Category Three: any photograph following the theme of Street Photography, color or black and white print, film or digital.
Professional: Sally Van Natta, Decatur, “The Cat on the Hat – NYC Easter Parade”
Amateur: Dixie Lee Howard, Toledo, “Going to Market” 
Student: Joe Perez, Charleston, “When They Say Coke”
“I am truly honored to have this opportunity to look at everyone's photography and select winners for the annual contest” said Martini. “Photography is something very personal for me. It's the same for many of you as well and it’s recognizable in many of the photos. I live and breathe photography; I think it about it constantly – what my photography means to me, how I relate to the work I'm doing, what exactly it is I'm trying to say with photography and much more. I also think a lot about photography from other photographers I come across, you all included. I looked at your work over and over, and as with many things photography related decisions, I trusted and followed my gut. I was especially impressed, yet not surprised, with the students’ photography. Very creative work! Keep it up! Once you are affected by photography, you will always see things differently. I could see that many of you have a vision in your photography – a story to tell.”
The awards for the professional and amateur divisions were a $100 cash prize and the awards for the student divisions were a $50 cash prize. Winners of the “Best in Show” received $150 in the professional/ amateur divisions, combined, and $100 for the student division. 
The primary focus of the Lake Land College Foundation is to provide scholarships for students.  This year the Foundation has awarded nearly 400 scholarships to Lake Land students. Since the establishment of the Foundation in 1970, we have awarded more 5 million dollars and 8,000 scholarships to students pursuing a college education at Lake Land. The Lake Land College Foundation was established exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes. The Foundation assists the college in developing and enhancing the educational opportunities and service to its students, alumni and citizens of the district. The thrust of the foundation is to provide student scholarships through funds contributed by individuals, agencies and corporations.
For more information about the Lake Land College Foundation, visit or call (217) 234-5363. 
Group: The winners of the 2014 Lake Land College Foundation Photography Show from left to right are: Dixie Lee Howard, Toledo, first place in category three for the amateur division and Best in Show for the professional/amateur divisions;  Joe Perez, Charleston, first place in category three for the student division; Joe Bicknell, Lovington, first place in category one for the amateur division; Roberta Brennan, first place in category two for the amateur division; Sally Van Natta, Decatur, first place in category three for the professional division; Thomas Dagley, Marshall, first place in category two for the professional division; and Ron Ghere, Mattoon, first place in category one for the professional division. Not pictured is Charlee Walker, Paris, first place in both category one and two for the student division and Best in Show for the student division.  

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