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Lake Land College’s Destination College honors middle and high school students at annual awards ceremony

May 15, 2014
Lake Land College’s Destination College Program recently held its annual awards ceremony honoring students for their outstanding participation and achievements for the 2013-2014 school year. 
Destination College is a program that assists students by providing them with resources to help them reach their college and career goals. The program serves students enrolled in grades six through 12 at schools within the Lake Land College district. Schools districts included in the program are: Brownstown Junior High School, Brownstown High School, Casey-Westfield Junior High School, Casey-Westfield High School, Herrick Grade School, Cowden-Herrick High School, Mattoon Middle School, Mattoon High School, Mayo Middle School, Pana High School, Pana Junior High School, St. Elmo Junior High School, St. Elmo Senior High School, Paris High School, Ramsey Grade School and Ramsey High School. 
Lori Ohnesorge, director of Destination College, welcomed students and parents and spoke about how the program has developed and grown over the past eight years. Additionally philanthropist Frank Brummer, Teutopolis, was the celebrity guest speaker. 
“As a team we’ve witnessed sixth graders grow into successful young adults,” said Ohnesorge. We are so proud of the work you do! This event is our way to give back to you, the dedicated and hardworking students, and your supportive families.” 
Several awards were presented during the ceremony. The following students, listed by school, received the following awards: 
Casey-Westfield: Hannah Foltz, College Ready Award and Excellence and Leadership Award 
Casey Jr. High: Selena Watkins- Burrell, Excellence and Leadership
Mattoon High School: Macy Brown, College Ready Award and Excellence and Leadership Award; Jasmine Wilson, College Ready Award; Alyson Winkleblack, College Ready Award; and Kylon Weaver, College Ready Award. 
Mattoon Middle School: Nicholis Redfern, Excellence and Leadership Award
Paris High School: Holden Gates, College Ready Award; Bryce Markins, College Ready Award; Lacey Millis, College Ready Award; Shay Phillips, College Ready Award; and Tabitha Seuffer, Excellence and Leadership Award. 
Mayo Middle School: Greg Cunningham, Excellence and Leadership Award 
Pana High School: Kylee Buerk, College Ready Award; Kelsey Etchison, College Ready Award; Sandra Burrus, College Ready Award; Megan Cothern, College Ready Award; Brandon Kirkbride, College Ready Award; Susan Smart, College Ready Award; and Tabitha Eilers, Excellence and Leadership Award 
Brownstown High School: Kylee Crown, College Ready Award; Haylee Watts, College Ready Award; and Kristen Barnick, College Ready Award; and Delaney Schulze, Excellence and Leadership Award 
St. Elmo High School: Hannah Magnus, College Ready Award; Brandi Waterman, College Ready Award and Excellence and Leadership Award; Tiffany Austin, College Ready Award; Chelsea Bone, College Ready Award; and Aubrey Carson, College Ready Award
St. Elmo Jr. High: McKayla Durbin, Excellence and Leadership Award
Ramsey Grade School Sadie Simon, Excellence and Leadership Award
Ramsey High School: Kristen Carrell, College Ready Award; Jarod Maske, College Ready Award; Rhonda McDonald, College Ready Award; and Will Strobel, College Ready Award and Excellence and Leadership Award
Cowden Herrick High School Heather Lawrence, College Ready Award and Excellence and Leadership Award; and Kody Durbin, College Ready Awar
Cowden Herrick Junior High Luke Senteny, Excellence and Leadership Award. 
The College Ready Award is for seniors who have met high school graduation requirements and prepared for post-secondary education. The Leadership Award recognizes and honors participants who demonstrate the spirit of excellence and leadership. The recipients of this award exhibits commitment to leadership in school and community and promote a positive attitude, turning challenges into opportunities.
The Academic Achievement Awards are presented to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance for the 2013-2014 school year. This year, 188 students were honored. The Academic Achievement Awards were presented to the following: 
Brownstown High School
Kristen Barnick
Emily Frailey
Kayla Haslett
Ashley Holmberg
Brandi Howard
Jordan Koehler
Zachary Koehler
Katie Kroll
Nathan Mathews
Audriana Pruett
Caitlyn Reeter
Monque Romans
Lauren Shelton
Shayla Stokes
Melissa Wiley
Casey-Westfield High School
Tierra Black
Cassandra Brock
Kaitlyn Chapman
Macey Clark
Taylor Craig
Courtney East
Dori Gowin
Hannah Foltz 
Elijah Hawker
Alex Herrara
Dalton Janssen
Olivia Judson
Sayde Levandoske
Ethan Lucas
Jacob Ridgley
Racheal Ridgley
Morgan Scott
RaeAnna Scott
Lindsay Strange
Cowden-Herrick Junior High School
Ashley Bartels
Bianca Lawrence
Cameron Lawrence
Keegan Martin
Nicholas Miller
Hailey Persinger
Luke Senteney
Amanda Smith
Alayna Thompson
Royce Thompson
Dylan Webster
Cowden-Herrick High School
Kody Durbin
Sierra Jones
Heather Lawrence
Tianna May
Sky Lackey
Mattoon High School
Bailie Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Shelby Barker
Elizabeth Blake
Hayley Boehm
Riley Brandvold
Derek Brown
Macy Brown
Makayla Burtcheard
Faithe Butler
Victoria Cisneros
Cholly Cushman
Thad Cushman
Karina Davis
Tristan Delgadillo
Charles Derrickson
Cindi Derrickson
Stacy Doty
Vanessa Dyer
Hylah Easter
Sydney Edwards
Sarah Goings
Kaytlyn Gordon
Shelby Grissom
Joshua Hardy
Jessica Hoback
Tristan Holdren
Daniel Klapp
Haylie Lading
Karlie Lading
Branna Lee
Lexus Linder
Katelyn Mason
Kaley Miller
Dylan Miner
Samantha Monterusso
Savannah Monterusso
Alyssa Morris
Aryele Odell
Shelby Orndoff
Elizabeth Rappe
Kiara Reynolds
Shania Reynolds
Brayley Roberts
Hope Shumard
Carmen Smith
Tyler Smith
Shelby Thomason
Brandy Verdin
Taylor Warf
Cheyann Watkins
Tayler Weaver
Aaron Wiebking
Lennon Wildman
Alyson Winkleblack
Topanga Zike
Mayo Middle School
Johnna Armstrong-Watson
Kylee Bowman
Greg Cunningham
Sydney Fox
Jenna Gates
Mackenzie Gossett
Sarah Isaf
Steve Jewell
 Alexis Milner
Caleb Mullenix
Tyler Nicholson
Megan Sexton
Shasta Shannon
Sarah Temple
Cherokee Wombles
Pana Junior High School
Destiny Benavides
Meghan Burrell
Camille Cole
Brailey Coulter
Marissa Cravens
Haleigh Cross
Chelsea Cunningham
Taylor Daily
Madison Eldridge
Sara Eldridge
Mallory Gordon
Kaylee Hubner
Emily Jones
Kyndall Jones
William Koontz
Abigail Lutz
Ricci Reed
Jospehine Semro
Lauren Stalets
Kailee Stewart
Christian Taylor
Tamra Thevenot
Rachel VanMeter
Eric Wakeland
Hadlie Wessel
Pana High School
Jeremy Adams
Chayli Blackwell
Jacelyn Blackwell
Kylee Strom
Megan Cothern
Abbregail Cunningham
Timothy Davis
Daylee Denton
Mackenzie Eilers
Tasha Ellithorpe
Brianna Garland
Nelainey Harris
Levi Howse
Michael Hrabak
Brooklyn Jewsbury
Clinton Jones
Sydney Jones
Taran Keifer
Brandon Kirkbride
Terra Palmer
Logan Plummer
Aubrey Puckett
Raegan Reed
Danielle Simpson
Susan Smart
Dana Stalets
Brooklyn Thompson
Rebecca VanMeter
Tristan Wooldridge
Paris High School
Chelsea Allen-Labaume
Meghan Bell
Bailey Bouslog
Emily Bracken
Adrienne Briseno
Albert Coates
Tyler Collier
Allyssa Delis-Sollars
Faith Fox
Aaron Gates
Jessena Goddard
Samuel Groves
Salem Isaf
Sierra Keefer
Cassandra Kemper
Lacey Millis
Ciera Moore
Johnna Sanchez
Robert Sanders
Kacey Shields
Alexa Sitkiewicz
Izabella Washburn
Chelsea Witmer
Alexis York
Ramsey Jr. High
Amber Pease
Brittney Boyard
Sadie Simon
Faith Williams
Rylei Banal
Meg England
Kelsy Summers
Wayde Stevens
Jordan Arseneau
Jessica Bumgardner
Jacob Eller
Marcy Quick
Ramsey High School
Kara Beck
Paige Butler
Marissa Carroll
Morgan Cauble
Waylon Davis
Morgan Dubiel
Travis Hoyle
Xavier Jophlin
Skye Kimberlin
Jazzmine Knipp
Tylor Knisley
Jarod Maske
Faith Moreland
Dannie Sieben
Will Strobel
Rachel Strobel
Alexis Waite
Taylen Wesselman
Two scholarships were awarded during the event. The Destination College Scholarship went to Kylon Weaver, Mattoon, who plans to attend Washington Harold University in Chicago. Likewise, the Lake Land College Foundation Scholarship went to Brandi Waterman, St. Elmo, who plans to attend Lake Land for cosmetology.
The Lake Land College Destination College program provides college, career, tutoring, financial aid activities, information and experiences to more than 600 students in 16 different middle schools and high schools in the LLC district each year. 
Qualified students who show the potential for college enrollment are given the resources, skills and support to enroll in a program of postsecondary education after high school graduation. Destination College also provides students in 6th to 12th grade with new opportunities, career site observations and college visits to various locations at no cost to the student. 
Destination College is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year for middle and high school students within its target schools. For more information, visit  

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