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Lake Land College holds 2014 GED Graduation Ceremony

June 11, 2012
This year, 75 students from the Lake Land College Adult Education and Pathways programs passed the GED exam. To honor their accomplishments, a cap and gown ceremony was recently held in the college theater located in the Robert K. Luther Student Center. 
Lake Land College President Josh Bullock presented the keynote address, and described the great accomplishment the graduates had achieved. 

“Earning a GED can be more difficult than receiving a traditional high school diploma,” explained Bullock. “Often, students have a more difficult path leading them down this route, but it makes earning the diploma all the more rewarding.” 
For the class of 2014, seven students received high honors, which is designated for students who score 3,000 or above on the GED exam. Special honors went to valedictorian Amanda Bailey, Mattoon, who was also awarded the Talented Student Award, and salutatorian Delpha Starr, Kansas.

Additionally, this year, the LLC Adult Education GED Scholarship Award was presented to Araya Sidwell, Casey. The Adult Education GED Scholarship is based on the student’s essay and application in addition to GED exam scores. Sidwell, who took English as a Second Language courses before earning her GED, plans to major in accounting at Lake Land.

 A cake and punch reception was held after the ceremony for dignitaries, students, family and friends.

This year’s GED graduates include:

Amanda Bailey, Mattoon, high honors
Scott Baldwin, Effingham
Jadlin Ballinger, Herrick, high honors
Kurtis Black, Ashmore, high honors
Jonathan Bonilla, Sullivan
Ryan Burdick, Arthur
Justin Cable, Paris
Colleen Carpenter, Charleston
Dillon Conner, Paris
Matt Cook, Mattoon
Cedric Crawford, Mattoon
Amber Daniels, Charleston
Kayla De Jesus, Chrisman
Rebekah Dossett, Toledo
Nicole Elder, Charleston
Dayton Ellison, Mattoon
Susie Fleshner, Effingham
Ryan Fonner, Marshall
Jeremiah Fudge, Paris
Chelsea Gard, Mattoon
Donna Gordon, Shelbyville
Micah Guenther, Montrose
Laura Gutierrez, Arcola
Tayor Hancock, Paris
Jared Heitman, Knimundy
Anna Hershberger, Arthur
Luke Hershberger, Tuscola
Cassie Hesleton, Shelbyville, high honors
Miranda Holland, Charleston
Charles Horn, St. Elmo
Chris Hunter, Windsor
Daniel Ingram, Sullivan
James LayCoax, Watson
Lisa LayCoax, Neoga, high honors
Ashley LeLoup, Paris
James Lucas, Charleston
Jeremy Luster, Sullivan
Charles McKinzie, Mattoon, high honors
Cody McVaigh, Charleston
Jacob Miller, Herrick
Samuel Miller, Arthur
Tonya Montz, Charleston
JoJunia Mosley, Charleston
Ashley Osborn, Sullivan, IL
Karen Otto, Arthur
Jeffrey Packard, Neoga
Cody Pedigo, Charleston
Otha Phillips, Sullivan
Jennifer Pitts, Paris
Edward Plank, Humboldt
Erlinda Polendo, Windsor
Alisha Quast, Mattoon
Maura Quezada, Arthur
Tim Quick, Oakland
Nicky Ramos, Paris
Austin Redmon, Kansas
Daniel Ross, Humboldt
Geneva Schrock, Arthur
Jacob Scott, Cowden
Jacob Shepard, Charleston
Araya Sidwell, Casey
Porcha Smith, Charleston
Louann Solomon, Paris
Delpha Starr, Kansas, high honors
Luke Stodden, Trilla
Jessica Sutton, Lovington
Haley Teer, Paris
Daniel Tipsword, Mattoon
Kennie Tuttle, Humboldt
Caitlyn Watson, Shelbyville
Zachary Wells, Paris
Bryce Werling, Effingham
Ashley Whitley, Paris
Billie Wilken, Kansas
Drew Wishard, Paris

GED classes are offered in Arthur, Charleston, Cowden, Effingham, Marshall, Mattoon, Paris and Shelbyville. The classes are free and have open enrollment at the beginning of each six week session.  GED classes offered in six-week modules will begin in August. For more information on the GED program, call 217-235-0361 or 1-800-210-5541 or visit the LLC Adult Education Center located at 305 Richmond Ave. East, Mattoon.

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