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The day is Wednesday, April 20 in the year 1994.

Illinois Prairie Higher Education Consortium (IPHEC) dedication and ceremony (April 20, 1994): The creation of the IPHEC was a response to a report completed in 1992 by the Illinois Community College Board’s Task Force on Telecommunication, which examined the need and feasibility of interactive distance learning systems. However, it required the funding and support of many groups, like State officials in Springfield, local K-12 superintendents, community college and four-year university presidents, and area businesses, like Consolidated Communications, which donated $440,000 to the initiative in July of 1993. The idea behind distance learning was simple: accessibility to education for various community constituents. At the dedication ceremony formally unveiling the new network, which took place simultaneously at three other locations (Charleston, Effingham, and Springfield), Dr. Luther, LLC President, served as the Master of Ceremonies, with Ken Beno, TV/Radio Instructor and Distance Learning Coordinator, offering a demonstration to the various honored guests. At the time of the ceremony, LLC was already offering 14 distance learning classes in a variety of disciplines.

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