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The year is 1997, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Wednesday, August 20 in the year 1997.

Board accepts around-the-clock Public Safety Department proposal (August 20, 1997): After hearing a presentation from the director of public safety and facilities planning, Ray Rieck, the Board agreed that hiring a 24-hour, 7-day a week police force was appropriate considering Lake Land was one of the few schools in the state still relying on a part-time, private security force; the college’s continued enrollment growth was also cited as a major reason for the change. The College’s first hires were Randy Ervin and Russell Moore (November 1), officers with a combined 33 years of law enforcement experience. A $300,000 COPS grant, received in 1998, which funded three more full-time public safety officers: Travis Easton, John Hampton, and Chad Smith.


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