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The year is 1965, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Thursday, September 23 in the year 1965.

Clem Phipps named chairman of the Eastern Illinois Area Junior College Steering Committee. (September 23, 1965): A local businessman, University of Illinois graduate, and brother of Agent General John Phipps, Clem Phipps believed that junior colleges were the single most important thing to happen to education in a decade. Bob Johnston, an original member of the LLC Board of Trustees, described him as a man who “had a romance with education all his life.” Phipps was seen by those who unanimously elected him to be the permanent chairman of the committee as a fair and amiable man who cared deeply about training/retraining adults in vocational and technical programs. As chairman, Phipps identified counties interested in being part of the LLC district, a possible location of the campus, and rallying public support for the school.


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