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The year is 2005, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Tuesday, October 4 in the year 2005.

East Classroom Building renamed and rededicated in honor of Burnham E. and Nancy Neal (October 4, 2005): Formally changing the name of the newest on campus building to Neal Hall—the first building to ever be named after someone—was an acknowledgment of the Neals generosity over the last 40 years. Burnham Neal, for example, donated his business’ corporate office (Neal Tire) in Toledo to the LLC Foundation, then providing a 10-year “leaseback” to LLC. In essence, he agreed to pay rent on a building he donated, thus giving more money for the Foundation to offer students in the form of scholarships. His willingness to open up his shop to automotive students after hours as a way for them to get hands on experience on his equipment also spoke to his commitment to the school. After the unveiling of the sign—which included an unfortunate misspelling of the Neals last name (N-E-I-L instead of N-E-A-L)—a short reception in SE 081 followed.


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