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The year is 2006, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Friday, June 30 in the year 2006.

Dr. Robert K. Luther formally retires (June 30, 2006): Dr. Luther, described by the editorial board of a local newspaper as a “courtly, dedicated, and principled man,” retired after 18 years as LLC’s 4th president. During his nearly two decades as president, the longest tenure of any LLC president, Dr. Luther influenced most, if not all, the decisions that were made during LLC’s time of unprecedented growth and prosperity. A few of the achievements he will be remembered for include: producing operating budgets that were in the black; working closely with officials at the state level to secure funds for the school; overseeing construction and maintenance of many new buildings and landscaping projects; developing relationships with local industries, most noticeably in the creation of the Illinois Employment and Training Center; and supporting the growth and potential of distance learning classes, online courses, and dual credit instruction.

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