Job Description

Adjunct Faculty Humanities Division

Position Title: Adjunct Faculty Humanities Division
Department: Humanities
Supervisor: Division Chair Hum & Comm/Comm Studies/English Instructor

Description of Essential Functions (critical tasks):

Job Summary: Responsible for teaching in discipline areas as assigned by the respective division chair. All instructors are expected to demonstrate a mastery of the subject matter and a commitment to teaching and learning, with a focus upon student retention and success.
  • Observes, supports, and enforces the regulations, policies, and programs of Lake Land College; adheres to the procedures outlined in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook.
  • Prepares instructional materials, including a course syllabus using the syllabus template provided; follows course outlines approved by the College; evaluates and assesses student performance.
  • Prepares and delivers instruction to students in modalities assigned by the division chair and approved by the Vice President for Academic Services.
  • Submits required documentation, including student midterm attendance rosters, final course grades, and other information as requested or required by the division chair; maintains accurate scholastic student records.
  • Is available to students and considers the general and special needs of each student; responds to student inquiries in a timely manner; advises, counsels, and assists students in accomplishing their course and program goals.
  • Remains current with content, technology, and instructional methods and strategies in the discipline.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the community college philosophy including its unique ties to the workforce and the district.
  • Collaborates with program coordinators or other faculty members to facilitate achievement of course goals and objectives.
  • Maintains regular communication with division chair, especially with regard to absences and/or cancelling class.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the division chair.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: Master's Degree in the discipline
Experience: Minimum of 2,000 hours work experience in the field
Knowledge: Demonstrates ability to learn the Lake Land College information systems and processes; maintains all professional credentials required to teach in area of discipline.
Skills Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills, ability to adapt instruction to various academic levels and learning styles, superior command of the English language, expertise with instructional technology
Personal: Open minded, innovative, enthusiastic, positive attitude, and adaptive to new teaching technologies
Physical: Physical ability to perform the job functions and travel as the job requires
Machines and equipment used: Office and classroom technology

General Employment Statement

A. Length of training and Probationary Period: 90 Days
B. Hours of Work Day: Varies
C. Group Affiliation: Part-Time Grade Level:
D. Condition of Employment: Board policy
E. Position: E

Job Demands

Some = 1-3 hours/day Frequently = 4-6 hours/day Very Frequently = 7+ hours/day

Job Demand None Some Freq Very Freq

Physician Requirements

Physical Requirements Required

Hazards/Exposure to:

Type Required

Hazards/Exposure to:

Judgment and Reasoning Required