Job Description

Commercial Driver Training Instructor

Position Title: Commercial Driver Training Instructor
Department: Center for Business & Industry
Supervisor: Transportation Training Coordinator

Description of Essential Functions (critical tasks):

Job Summary: The Commercial Driver Trainer will provide classroom and on-the-road training to individuals seeking to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).The Trainer will assume all duties required for preparing students to pass the Secretary of State license exam. Typical responsibilities will include classroom review of the Secy of State CDL test manual, vehicle maneuvering techniques, over-the-road in-vehicle training, vehicle inspection, and routine vehicle maintenance.
  • The CDL Trainer must be well organized and have good communication and interpersonal skills. The CDL Trainer must maintain a current CDL License and a clear driving record.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: High School Degree/GED.
Experience: 3 or more years of professional over-the-road driving experience.
Knowledge: Good communication skills with strong working knowledge of commercial truck operation,safety,and maintenance.
Machines and equipment used: Commercial tractor-trailer combination vehicles.

General Employment Statement

A. Length of training and Probationary Period: 90 days
B. Hours of Work Day: 30
C. Group Affiliation: Part time Grade Level:
D. Condition of Employment: Board policy
E. Position: N

Job Demands

Some = 1-3 hours/day Frequently = 4-6 hours/day Very Frequently = 7+ hours/day

Job Demand None Some Freq Very Freq

Physician Requirements

Physical Requirements Required

Hazards/Exposure to:

Type Required

Hazards/Exposure to:

Judgment and Reasoning Required