Job Description


Position Title: Custodian
Department: Physical Plant
Supervisor: Custodial Services Supervisor

Description of Essential Functions (critical tasks):

Job Summary: Perform a wide variety of cleaning functions and setups.
  • Cleaning.
  • Carpet care.
  • Floor care, stripping and waxing.
  • Chemical application.
  • Trash removal/recycling.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
Experience: Minimum two (2) years experience preferred.Valid class D drivers license required.
Knowledge: General knowledge of custodial work with ability to make decisions.Ability to read and follow custodial supply label instructions and Material Safety Data Sheets and the ability to properly mix cleaning chemicals at the recommended dilution levels is mandatory.
Skills Ability to use custodial equipment.
Personal: Ability to work with others with minimum supervision.
Physical: Ability to perform position responsibilities including unassisted lifting minimum of 25 pounds, snow removal,climbing and set ups.
Machines and equipment used: Trucks,cars,wet and dry vacuum cleaners,carpet and floor cleaning machines,buffing,burnishing,and automatic scrubbing machines,plus a variety of hand equipment such as mops,wringers and other machines and equipment as required of the position.

General Employment Statement

A. Length of training and Probationary Period: 90 days
B. Hours of Work Day: 8 hours
C. Group Affiliation: Custodial Grade Level:
D. Condition of Employment: Contract
E. Position: N

Job Demands

Some = 1-3 hours/day Frequently = 4-6 hours/day Very Frequently = 7+ hours/day

Job Demand None Some Freq Very Freq

Physician Requirements

Physical Requirements Required

Hazards/Exposure to:

Type Required

Hazards/Exposure to:

Judgment and Reasoning Required