Job Description

Trio Destination College Outreach Advisor

Position Title: Trio Destination College Outreach Advisor
Department: TRIO Destination College
Supervisor: Director TRIO Destination College

Description of Essential Functions (critical tasks):

Job Summary: The Outreach Advisor is responsible for providing services that will ensure the project's goals and objectives are met at assigned target junior high and high schools, assisting students in reaching and succeeding in postsecondary education. The Outreach Advisor will provide academic advisement, assistance with career exploration, assistance completing financial aid and scholarship applications, goal setting, planning and follow through for graduation and college entry. They will also be responsible for monitoring participants' successful progress from middle and high school to college entry, and mentoring students. The Outreach Advisor is employed 100% time under the Talent Search Grant.
  • Work cooperatively with target school counselors to identify potential participants and coordinate the academic, career, and learning styles assessments for each participant.
  • Develop an Individual Success Plan and arrange for the corresponding provision of services including tutoring, academic advising, workshops, and career counseling.
  • Meet individually and in groups, with participants and mentees on a regular basis and monitor participants' progress related to successful school completion and post-secondary entry and re-entry.
  • Provides workshops for participants, parents and school personnel.
  • Maintain accurate up-to-date student/mentee records and database, including documentation of eligibility, student academic records, contacts, exit information, follow-up information, etc.
  • Coordinate the tutor and mentors at the assigned target schools. Conduct and document tutor and mentor training meeting.
  • Maintain student and program confidentiality.
  • Prepare and complete accurate reports on an ongoing basis.
  • Plan and coordinate college visitations, cultural activities, workshops, and events for students, teachers, parents, and the community.
  • Provide mentoring to students within the TS Mentoring Program.
  • Assist all eligible participants and parents in completing college admissions and financial aid applications.
  • Performs other related duties assigned by Project Director.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: Master's Degree in counseling, family and consumer sciences,education or social work or Bachelor's Degree with three years experience working with disadvantaged youth.
Experience: Demonstrated experience working with students, preferably from low income, academically disadvantaged populations. Related experience in counseling, career development, financial aid and academic advising preferred; experience in using assessment instruments and techniques preferred; experience in a secondary school stystem strongly preferred.
Knowledge: Awareness of community support agencies that are available to meet individual participants' needs, specifically students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Skills Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse population of students and staff;excellent interpersonal, organizational and presentation/communication skills;
Personal: Strong sense of commitment to the community college philosophy and the continuous process of career and life planning;background similar to that of the target population preferred;ability to work a flexible/extended schedule including some evenings and weekends.
Physical: Ability to travel around campus,throughout the district,and nationally;conduct registration or informational presentations;ability to work in a face-paced environment;ability to drive a 15 passenger van;ability to lift 50 pounds.
Machines and equipment used: College mainframe software,PC Client Server environment,Windows platform, Microsoft Office XP, Outlook, Internet Explorer, iPad, presentation equipment/software and copy machine.

General Employment Statement

A. Length of training and Probationary Period: 90 days
B. Hours of Work Day: 40
C. Group Affiliation: Support Staff Grade Level: 13
D. Condition of Employment: Grant
E. Position: E

Job Demands

Some = 1-3 hours/day Frequently = 4-6 hours/day Very Frequently = 7+ hours/day

Job Demand None Some Freq Very Freq
Standing Y
Walking Y
Sitting Y
Climbing Y
Bending Y
Stooping/Kneeling Y
Crawling Y
Repetitive Motions: Hand-Wrist Y
Repetitive Motions: Elbow Y
Lifting: 0-25 lbs Y
Lifting: 26-50 lbs Y
Lifting: 51-75 lbs Y
Lifting: 76-100 lbs Y
Lifting: 100+ lbs Y
Carrying: 0-25 lbs Y
Carrying: 26-50 lbs Y
Carrying: 50+ lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 0-25 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 26-50 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 51-75 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 76-100 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 100+ lbs Y

Physician Requirements

Physical Requirements Required
Manual Dexterity (Hand/Eye Corrd)
Hear Alarms/Telephone/tape Recorder
Finger Dexterity
Color Vision
Visual Acuity - Far
Visual Acuity - Near
Depth Perception
Use of Respiratory Protection
Appropriate Safety Equipment

Hazards/Exposure to:

Type Required
Toxic/Caustic Chemicals or Detergents
Extreme Conditions (Hot/Cold)
Moving Mechanical Parts
Potential Electrical Shock
Electro Magnetic Energy (Laser)
High Pitched/Loud Noises
Blood Borne Pathogens: Type: Body Fluids
Blood Borne Pathogens: % of Time: 80%
Gaseous Risk

Hazards/Exposure to:

Judgment and Reasoning Required
Manage Stress Appropriately
Handle Multiple Priorities
Make Decisions Under Pressure
Work Alone
Manage Anger/Fear/Hostility/Appropriately
Work in Area that are Confined or Crowded