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Degree-seeking Students
Degree-Seeking students are those students who are seeking a Lake Land College degree or certificate of 24 or more credit hours. Programs of Study at Lake Land College: Technical | Transfer

Placement Testing
Students seeking a degree or certificate will be required to complete the Lake Land College placement tests consisting of math, reading and English. Students who have taken the ACT test may choose to use their ACT scores instead of taking the placement tests. In order to use ACT scores, students must request that a copy of their scores be sent to Lake Land College directly from ACT. Information about requesting ACT test scores is available at

Students who have not successfully completed high school or college geometry, or who do not have a transcript on file documenting completion of the course, will be required to enroll in a college geometry course before enrolling in a MAT 100 or higher course. Exemptions will be given to students who are:

  • Transferring from a regionally accredited college or university, and have provided official transcripts showing completion of prerequisites.

  • Submitting an Intent to Enroll for a special program with a bachelor's degree who desire to petition to have the assessment requirement waived. This petition must first be approved by an appropriate faculty member in the department of the major in question, with final approval from the associate vice president for educational services.

Students will be mandatorily placed in appropriate courses to achieve success in course work as determined by scores on the ACT or Lake Land College placement test. Students who submit their ACT scores or who have taken the Lake Land College placement tests may retest once in each skill area only through the last day to add a class for that semester. (A minimal fee is charged for each retest.)

Students with a disability may make special arrangements for placement testing by contacting the Coordinator of Student Accommodations.

  1. Associate In Applied Science Degree and/or Certificate Programs

    Students must meet Lake Land College's admission requirements. Certain programs have special admission entrance requirements which must be met prior to being accepted into the program. Refer to the special program for admission requirements.

  2. Associate In Liberal Studies

    Students must meet Lake Land College's admission requirements.

  3. Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts in Teaching, Associate in Science and Associate in Engineering Science.

    Students must meet Lake Land College's admission requirements and have at least 15 units of high school course work from the following five categories:

    1. Four (4) years of English (emphasizing written and oral communications and literature);

    2. Three (3) years of social studies (emphasizing history and government);

    3. Three (3) years of mathematics (introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry or fundamentals of computer programming);

    4. Three (3) years of science (laboratory sciences); and

    5. Two (2) years of electives in foreign languages, music, vocational education or art.

If at the time of admission, it has not been determined from the applicant's final high school transcript that the high school course pattern has been satisfied, the student will be provisionally admitted. The student will remain on provisional status until the high school pattern has been verified or deficiencies have been made up through appropriate course work.

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