Mission Statement - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

Lake Land College Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Lake Land College creates and continuously improves an affordable, accessible, and effective learning environment for the lifelong educational needs of the diverse communities we serve.

Our college fulfills this mission through:

  • University transfer education
  • Technical & career education
  • Workforce development
  • Community and continuing education
  • Intellectual and cultural programs

Vision Statement

Engaging minds, changing lives, through the power of learning. Lake Land College does this by the following...


Showing respect and compassion for others
• I treat others as equals.
• I hear and recognize the ideas/beliefs of others.
• I recognize a job well-done.
• I respect my own and others’ work-life balance.
• I bring a positive attitude to each situation.


Creating an environment that values the open exchange of ideas
• I follow through by returning phone calls and acknowledging correspondence with others, in a timely manner.
• I listen to feedback to help me grow.
• I speak directly with those involved.
• I use the open door policy.
• I withhold judgment until the entire idea is expressed.
• I share all appropriate information that can be shared.


Working together and with others to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts
• I work for the good of the group.
• I hold myself and others accountable.
• I celebrate individual and team success.
• I identify, utilize, and challenge strengths in myself and others.
• I regularly support team members.


Taking risks to create new opportunities
• I evaluate current processes and constantly look for new and better ways to improve.
• I solve problems with old and new ideas.
• I openly voice new ideas.
• I integrate my experiences into my daily work. I constantly improve!
• I share with others what I have learned from my past experiences.


Consistently achieving the highest level of quality
• I support and encourage personal and professional growth.
• I practice high ethical standards.
• I exhibit passion and enthusiasm in my daily tasks.
• I accept no less than the highest levels of integrity in myself and others.
• I go above and beyond.