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Womens Basketball 2/18/17 - LLC 68 vs. Southwestern IL College 54
Mens Basketball 2/18/17 - LLC 85 vs. Southwestern IL College 88
Baseball 2/18/17 - LLC 3 vs. Vol State CC 8
Baseball 2/18/17 - LLC 10 vs. Moraine Valley CC 2
Baseball 2/19/17 - LLC 6 vs. Moraine Valley CC 0
Baseball 2/19/17 - LLC 1 vs. Vol State CC 3
Mens Basketball 2/22/17 - LLC 115 vs. Lewis & Clark 114
Baseball 2/24/17 - LLC vs. Northwest Mississippi (DH)
Womens Basketball 2/25/17 - LLC vs. Olney Central College
Mens Basketball 2/25/17 - LLC vs. Olney Central College
Baseball 2/25/17 - LLC vs. Itawamba CC (DH)
Baseball 2/26/17 - LLC vs. Freed-Hardeman (9)
Softball 2/26/17 - LLC vs. Volunteer State (DH)
Womens Basketball 2/28/17 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
Mens Basketball 2/28/17 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
Baseball 3/2/17 - LLC vs. Southeast Nebraska (9)
Womens Basketball 3/3/17 - LLC vs. Rend Lake College
Mens Basketball 3/3/17 - LLC vs. Rend Lake College
Baseball 3/3/17 - LLC vs. NIACC (9)
Baseball 3/3/17 - LLC vs. Lakeland-OH (9)
Baseball 3/4/17 - LLC vs. Southeastern Iowa (7)
Baseball 3/4/17 - LLC vs. Northeast Mississippi (7)
Softball 3/4/17 - LLC vs. Crowder (DH)
Softball 3/6/17 - LLC vs. Galveston College (DH)
Softball 3/7/17 - LLC vs. Blinn College (DH)
Baseball 3/9/17 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College (9)
Womens Basketball 3/10/17 - LLC vs. Region 24 Tournament
Womens Basketball 3/11/17 - LLC vs. Region 24 Tournament
Baseball 3/11/17 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College (DH)
Softball 3/11/17 - LLC vs. Frontier CC (DH)
Womens Basketball 3/12/17 - LLC vs. Region 24 Tournament
Softball 3/13/17 - LLC vs. Frontier CC (DH)
Baseball 3/14/17 - LLC vs. Illinois Central College (9)
Softball 3/14/17 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College (DH)
Softball 3/16/17 - LLC vs. Southwestern IL College (DH)
Baseball 3/17/17 - LLC vs. Parkland College (7)
Baseball 3/18/17 - LLC vs. Lake Michigan (7)
Softball 3/18/17 - LLC vs. Shawnee CC (DH)
Baseball 3/18/17 - LLC vs. Vincennes University (7)
Baseball 3/19/17 - LLC vs. TBA (7)
Baseball 3/21/17 - LLC vs. McKendree University (9)
Softball 3/21/17 - LLC vs. Wabash Valley College (DH)
Baseball 3/23/17 - LLC vs. Shawnee CC (9)
Softball 3/23/17 - LLC vs. Rend Lake College (DH)
Baseball 3/25/17 - LLC vs. Shawnee CC (DH)
Softball 3/25/17 - LLC vs. Southeastern IL College (DH)



Welcome to the Home of the Lakers!

The Lake Land College Field House has been the home of the Lakers for more than three decades.  Erected in 1974, the field house (a.k.a. "The Dome") has provided community fun and excitement for Mattoon, IL and the surrounding area.  The seating capacity is 800, but has seen many competitions where numbers have exceeded nearly 1000 during a rival game like Parkland College (Champaign, IL). 

In the summer of 2009, the field house was newly renovated with the addition of more energy efficient lighting and a Geo-Thermal heating and cooling system, which was a part of the college's 5-year capitol project for the entire campus.

In addition to energy-saving face-lift, the field house has its own Hall of Fame, which  began in 2004 with its first induction class that was led by legendary Laker basketball great Rex Morgan.  It also dawns the All-American and Championship banners of all of the Laker athletes for individual and team achievements dating back to 1969 and Lake Land College's first All-American hardwood hero Mahlon Sanders.  Another part of the success of Laker teams in the field house is the support of community businesses and leaders who participate in the sponsor's banner program, which has provided financial support to the athletic department for many many years.

The field house has a lot of history and a tremendous family atmosphere.  It provides the Lakers with an incredible "home-court" advantage, which has allowed past and present Laker basketball programs to enjoy incredible success. 


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Laker Field House



Facility #3

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Facility #4



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