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Baseball 9/25/16 - LLC vs. Frontier CC
Softball 9/25/16 - LLC vs. University of Kentucky (DH) (EST)
Softball 9/28/16 - LLC vs. Purdue (EST)
Volleyball 9/28/16 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
Baseball 9/29/16 - LLC vs. Highland CC
Volleyball 9/30/16 - LLC vs. Vincennes University
Baseball 10/1/16 - LLC vs. Jefferson College @ UIS
Baseball 10/1/16 - LLC vs. Marshalltown CC @ LLCC
Softball 10/1/16 - LLC vs. Alumni Game/Red & Black Scrimmage
Softball 10/2/16 - LLC vs. Indiana University (EST)
Softball 10/2/16 - LLC vs. Valparaiso University (EST)
Mens Basketball 10/2/16 - LLC vs. Danville Jamboree
Volleyball 10/5/16 - LLC vs. John A Logan College
Baseball 10/7/16 - LLC vs. Illinois Central College
Softball 10/7/16 - LLC vs. State Fair
Softball 10/7/16 - LLC vs. University of Missouri
Baseball 10/8/16 - LLC vs. Vincennes University (EST)
Womens Basketball 10/8/16 - LLC vs. ICC Jamboree
Volleyball 10/8/16 - LLC vs. Millikin Tri-Match vs. McKendree
Volleyball 10/8/16 - LLC vs. Millikin Tri-Match vs. TBA
Softball 10/9/16 - LLC vs. SIU-Edwardsville (DH)
Mens Basketball 10/9/16 - LLC vs. Lincoln Jamboree
Volleyball 10/12/16 - LLC vs. Lincoln Trail College
Baseball 10/13/16 - LLC vs. St. Louis CC
Volleyball 10/14/16 - LLC vs. Mineral Area Tournament vs. Rend Lake College
Volleyball 10/14/16 - LLC vs. Mineral Area Tournament vs. Butler CC
Baseball 10/15/16 - LLC vs. Kankakee CC
Volleyball 10/15/16 - LLC vs. Mineral Area Tournament vs. McKendree JV
Volleyball 10/15/16 - LLC vs. Mineral Area Tournament vs. Mineral Area College
Softball 10/15/16 - LLC vs. Loyola University
Mens Basketball 10/16/16 - LLC vs. Vincennes Jamboree (EST)
Womens Basketball 10/19/16 - LLC vs. St. Mary's Scrimmage
Volleyball 10/19/16 - LLC vs. Southwestern IL College
Mens Basketball 10/23/16 - LLC vs. John A Logan Jamboree
Volleyball 10/26/16 - LLC vs. Rend Lake College
Volleyball 10/28/16 - LLC vs. Region 24 Tournament
Volleyball 10/29/16 - LLC vs. Region 24 Tournament
Womens Basketball 10/30/16 - LLC vs. Parkland Scrimmage

Lake Land College Assistant Coach

Dave Earp

Dave Earp

Position: Assistant Coach
Sport: Mens Basketball
Office Phone: 217.234.5083

Coach Earp has been on the Laker sidelines for 19 years. He helped Coach Dudley put together some of the exciting Laker teams of the late 1990s. His recruitment of community college athletes is legendary and second-to-none in community college basketball. He recruited James Thompkins, Marquis Richardson, Che Jordan,  Kareem Leggett, Huzie Hambrite, Spencer Perrin ,Will Mcclure, Paris Carter, Anthony White, Jamal Williams, James Anacreon, and Orlando Rutledge, all of whom went on to play Division I or II basketball after graduating from Lake Land College. His ties and connections with the Lake Land College district and with the Indianapolis and Louisville area has made him one of the most successful community college recruiters in the past decade. Earp’s responsibilities include recruiting, academic monitoring, fundraising, scouting, team travel, scheduling, practice and game preparation. Coach Earp was born and raised in Mattoon, and continues to live there with his wife, Lisa, and his four daughters, Gracie, Chloe, Ashley, and Brooke.

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