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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements at Lake Land College?
Generally, person age 18 who are not attending high school are eligible for admission to Lake Land College. (This does not apply to special programs which may have unique requirements due to state licensing laws.) In certain instances high school students who are at least 16 years old may be admitted to take classes at Lake Land College when written permission is granted by the high school they are attending.

How do I apply for admission?
Complete an official application and send it to Lake Land College's Admissions Office, or click here and apply online!

I was unable to finish high school. Will this prevent me from being admitted to Lake Land College?
No, Lake Land College is more concerned with a student's current attitude. Attempts will be made to meet the needs of each applicant in selecting classes geared to the student's level of achievement.

I didn't make good grades in high school.
What effect will this have on my goals at Lake Land College? With the special help available from developmental classes, tutoring, and student success classes, most achievement barriers can be overcome by the serious student who wants to succeed.

What is meant by a credit hour?
Generally, this refers to a unit of achievement (with a passing grade) based upon the number of hours a class meets during a semester. With some exceptions, a class that yields one hour of college credit usually meets one hour per week, and a three credit hour course usually meets three times a week for one hour.

What is meant by a "normal academic load"?
This refers to the number of courses or hours taken in a given semester. Generally, a "normal load" consists of sixteen credit hours (usually five courses) per semester. A student taking a minimum of sixteen hours each term will usually be eligible to graduate at the end of four semesters with an associate degree.

What if I haven't decided on what career area I want to pursue while at Lake Land College?
This situation is not uncommon. Many students come to Lake Land College with the idea of sampling courses from several career fields before making a final selection. Students may obtain special assistance from the counseling staff in career exploration.

Is it advisable for me to graduate at Lake Land College before I transfer to a four-year college?
Most often, it is to the benefit of the student to complete the Associate in Arts or Science degree at Lake Land College before transferring. This degree will usually exempt a student from the necessity of taking lower-division general study courses at the four year institution.

Is it true that many students going to Lake Land College are able to attend without paying any tuition?
Yes! A large number receive monies from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission/Monetary Award Program (ISAC). Additional assistance is available through a federal program - Pell Grant. This money does not have to be repaid. Several other programs are available- contact Lake Land College's Financial Aid Office at (217) 234-5231. Click here for the Financial Aid website.

I really feel that I'm interested in learning a skill that will only take one or two years to acquire. Is this possible at Lake Land College?
Yes. Lake Land College has an abundance of career oriented programs that can be completed in relatively short periods of time. One can readily examine these by obtaining a college catalog at the Admissions and Record Office.

Is it less expensive to attend Lake Land College than private educational institutions?
Hundreds of dollars (and in many cases thousands) can be saved by attending Lake Land College. Students today are trying to cut costs as much as possible without diminishing educational quality. That's why, more than ever before, students are choosing to spend the first two years at Lake Land College(which enable them to get their general education requirements completed at sizeable monetary savings) before transferring to a four year college.

What kinds of documentation do students need to be qualified for disability services?
Individualized Educational Plan (otherwise known as an IEP), a psychological evaluation, or a typed letter on letter head from a medical doctor specifying the disability.

What kinds of accommodations are available to students at the college level?
Extended time on tests and test readers, assistive technology, free tutoring, textbooks on CD, volunteer note-taker services, tape-recorded lectures, accessible seating, large-print and Braille materials, and sign language interpreters.

How soon should students apply for disability services?
In order for services to be available, students should submit their documentation of their disability and complete a disability services application packet at least 6 weeks before the semester they plan to enroll. An appointment prior to the semester start with the Counselor/Coordinator of Student Accommodations is recommended to answer any questions/concerns about academic support services.

When should students get involved in student activities?
Some students want to wait until they get settled into their classes before they join anything. This causes some great students to miss the important deadlines and the opportunity to be involved in college. Joining an organization HELPS with the transition to college. Please encourage your students to look into student activities as soon as they get to campus. Clubs and organizations start very quickly once the fall semester begins. The Student Activity Board holds interviews the first three weeks of classes, the Student Government Association applications become available the last week in August and the Navigator interviews for our paid positions occur in May.

How do students get involved?
Interested students should attend Welcome Day, which is always the second Wednesday after classes start. This is an opportunity to see the clubs and organizations that Lake Land College has to offer. They can also find information from our website. Students are welcome to stop by the Student Life Office, next to Subway, and talk with us about their options and the deadlines to apply.