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Strategies for Success SFS 101

Strategies for Success is a course designed to improve student performance in college and beyond. The two credit hour elective course will count toward graduation from Lake Land College and will transfer to most four-year colleges. The course involves a variety of learning experiences including group discussion, guest speakers, lecture, individual appointments with the instructor, videos, and use of the computer-assisted career guidance system - Career Cruising.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • time management/stress management
  • test-taking, note-taking, reading, and writing strategies
  • memory enhancement
  • how to study with children underfoot
  • communication and relationships
  • decision making
  • learning styles
  • career exploration and planning

Here is what former Strategies for Success students have told us about the course:

  • This class has given me ideas on how to conquer tests, assignments and pressure situations for every class. It also goes outside the classroom to the real world.
  • I have learned to manage my time better.
  • This class makes learning fun.
  • It has really helped to boost my self-confidence.
  • This is the only class I have ever taken where I have immediately started using the material in real life - not just school.
  • I suggest that everyone take this class.
  • It has made a difference in my grades


Additional Success Courses

SFS 102 Strategies for Money Management is a course designed to assist students with improving their financial planning and budgeting skills. SFS 103 Life Strategies is designed for sophomore level students and will assist students in learning critical thinking skills, creating effective goals and creating a successful life and financial plan. Students may not earn credit for enrolling in both SFS 102 Strategies for Money Management and SFS 103 Life Strategies. Students may earn credit for enrolling in SFS 101 Strategies for Success and SFS 102 Strategies for Money Management.

If you would like to register for a success course and would like more information, please call Counseling Services, Student Center Building, Lake Land College, (217)234-5232. or



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