Orientation Evaluation - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois


Please tell us which type of Orientation/Advisement Program you attended
Individual appointment at Lake Land College or the Kluthe Center
Individual appointment at my high school
I know how to access and use the following resources that may assist me in obtaining my educational and career goals
College Catalog
Counseling Services
Support Services; such as tutoring, disability services and TRiO
Financial Resources; such as the Financial Aid Office and Foundation scholarships
I know how to find the following information regarding my major
Required courses to complete the major
Pre-requisites for required courses
Courses that I must take based on the LLC Placement Test or ACT scores
The number of hours required to graduate, including pre-requisite courses and courses that are required based my test scores
I know the following regarding IRIS and the registration process
How to log on to IRIS
Things that I can do on IRIS
Information I can find/request on IRIS
The date that I may register for classes
How to find registration deadlines, including add/drop and withdrawal deadlines
Who to contact if I have advisement questions
Who to contact if I need assistance with the registration process
I understand the following regarding my responsibilities as a college student
I am ultimately responsible for my success as a college student.
My advisor will work with me to clarify and create a plan to obtain my goals; however, my advisor will not make decisions for me or register me for classes.
I am responsible for knowing important deadlines, including deadlines to add/drop/withdraw from classes.
FERPA prohibits my parents from obtaining many types of information from the college.
I should decide how many credit hours in which to enroll after considering the estimated time commitment for those courses and for my other obligations.
I met with the following counselor