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Student Fitness Center

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Current Lake Land College students and employees are welcome to use the Student Fitness Center during operating hours only. The facility is also available for retirees. The Student Fitness Center (SFC) can be used as walk-in or for a credit class. The center cannot be used on weekends or any time other than posted. No students, faculty, staff or retirees will be permitted to use the center when it is closed.

    Upon entering you will need the following to be admitted:
  1. A valid Lake Land College ID card which will be swiped in/out per visit.
  2. Proper workout attire is required by everyone. A short sleeve shirt and tennis shoes are required. The following are not permitted: sports bras, tank tops, street clothes, jeans, flip flops, street shoes, etc. The mid-section should be covered and shorts a decent length.
  3. It is recommended to bring a towel for personal use. Wipe down the equipment and handles after each use with a disinfectant wipe.
  4. The SFC now has a simple FREE AppAudio download that allows you to enjoy club TV audio on your favorite cardio equipment or anywhere in the facility.

Storage space is available in the Fitness Center. Each person is responsible for any belongings left there. Locker rooms are provided to store books and to change clothes etc. Tall red lockers are reserved for athletes. Each student will provide his or her own lock, will empty the locker at the end of the semester and will remove the lock.

No children are allowed in the SFC. Please refrain from bringing the following into the SFC: pop, food, glass containers, etc.
Water is permitted.

The Fitness Center staff has the authority to dismiss a person if they are not pursuing a workout according to the rules and regulations. A person should only enter the facility if they are going to exercise. Entering the SFC to socialize is prohibited.

Each person is recommended to check with his or her doctor before starting an exercise regimen. Everyone must respect the environment and others while working out to avoid the risk of injury. When using the free weight room, lift with a partner and remember to use safety guidelines throughout the Fitness Center. Avoid dropping weights on the floor. Everyone is encouraged to eat before working out and stay hydrated. If you feel ill at anytime during your workout stop immediately and contact the staff.

All participants must understand and abide by the academic integrity policy and behave in a manner conducive with the college handbook. With everyone's cooperation, the staff will provide a clean and safe environment. All users of the SFC are responsible for their own workout programs. The staff can recommend and give helpful information, but they are not liable for how that information is interpreted or used by the participant. Should any problems or issues arise, please notify the staff or contact Nathan Courtney at FH #016, ext. 5294. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy this beautiful facility and improve your health and fitness.

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SFC Phone: (217)234.5339

Monday - Thursday
*The last workout must
be started by 6:15pm

*The last workout must
be started by 4:15pm

Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday
*The last workout must
be started by 4:15pm