Math & Science Club - Lake Land College, Mattoon IL
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Math & Science Club

The Goals of the Math & Science Club: 1. To provide LLC students with the knowledge pertaining to the correct procedures to successfully be accepteded to a professional school. This will include but not be limited to bringing in representatives from medical pharmacy, veterinary, dentistry, chiropractic, and/or graduate school. The club will also supply information about required testing to get into specific professional programs. (for example: MCAT for medical school, VCAT and/or GRE for Veterinarian school, PCAT for pharmacy school, etc.) 2. To supply a scholarship through the LLC Foundation to a student @ LLC. This scholarship will be funded through dues received from current members and various fundraisers throughout each year. 3. To travel throughout the LLC district and put on chemistry demonstrations to increase the interest in chemistry and the fields accompanying it.