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Practical Nursing - Track (CRT.PN.TRK)

The Practical Nursing Certificate Track (CRT.PN.TRK) prepares the student for acceptance into the Practical Nursing (PN) program. The PN program is a competitive, special admission program.

Interested students should submit an Intent to Enroll to the college and list the Academic Program as CRT.PN.TRK. Then, follow the PN Application Checklist carefully for instructions about the application procedure. Students who select this academic program will be assigned a nursing faculty advisor. Once formally accepted into the PN program, the nursing department will change the program code as CRT.PN.

State regulations require that qualified in-district residents be accepted before consideration is given to out-of-district applicants.

Applicants must have a completed nursing application on file in the nursing department by March 1. Applicants will be notified via email of tentative acceptance/denial within six weeks of the deadline.

Admission is competitive and selective using an objective formula. Selection criteria includes the date on the Admission Application and the HESI A2 Admissions Assessment Exam score. Download the PN Application Checklist from the website for the complete application procedure.

Program requirements may change over time. Specific degree/graduation requirements are determined by a degree audit.

Admission Criteria

The following must be completed before the March 1st deadline:

1. Complete an Intent to Enroll for Lake Land College. (Note: acceptance to the college does not guarantee admission into the PN program.)
2. Complete the online Nursing Admission Application indicating interest in the Practical Nursing program.
3. Achieve satisfactory scores on the Lake Land College Placement test, SAT, or ACT to determine eligibility to take the HESI A2 Admissions Assessment exam. See PN Application Checklist for details.
4. Achieve a satisfactory score of 70 on the HESI A2 Admissions Assessment exam. If the exam is repeated the most recent score is used. To ensure a completed application the HESI A2 Admissions Assessment exam should be taken in the fall prior to the March 1 application deadline. Exam scores are valid for 5 years.
5. High school students are selected for the Partnership for Career and College Success (PCCS) curriculum should refer to the PCCS PN Application Checklist for details.

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