Welcome to the Dental Hygiene Application Process

Checklist for Dental Hygiene Application Process

  • Apply to Lake Land College itself
  • Send in (can be electronically) transcripts to Admission and Records (HS and College)
  • Submit ACT/SAT scores and/or take ACCUPLACER test
  • Fill out/submit online the Dental Hygiene Intent
  • Turn in hard copies of:
    1. Any and ALL College transcripts
    2. Essay question and answer
    3. Proof of dental assisting certification OR proof of employment at a dental office (6 months or more)
    4. OR Proof of health occupations dental rotation OR proof of job shadowing experience (16 hours or more)
    5. These documents/hard copies must be mailed to:
      • Lake Land College
        c/o Dental Hygiene
        5001 Lake Land Blvd.Mattoon, IL 61938
      or physically brought into the Northwest Building on the main campus: Office 023 or Office 021.