No Smoking Policy

No Smoking PolicySmoke and Tobacco-Free Campus

In accordance with the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on campus or any property owned or operated by the College, including parking lots and roadways, except in personal vehicles. This website provides additional information about the College’s Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus, efforts to inform our College community and resources available for assistance.

What to Do if You See Someone Smoking or Using Tobacco on Campus

If you see people smoking or using tobacco anywhere on campus other than in personal vehicles, presume that they don’t know the policy and kindly let them know that Lake Land College is smoke and tobacco-free. Please be calm and friendly and don’t confront others in an accusatory way. If someone responds negatively to your assistance, simply walk away.

If you have tried letting other people know and they continue to smoke on campus, you can report the information to the Lake Land College Police Department non-emergency number at 217-234-5066.