Offices and Services

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Partnership for College & Career SuccessVisitBoard and Administration Center 007217-234-5225jalthaus@lakelandcollege.edu
PathwaysVisitWorkforce Development217-238-8383cstrohl@lakelandcollege.edu
PerkinsVisitWebb Hall 024217-234-5032jcorda12886@lakelandcollege.edu
Placement TestingVisitWebb Hall 035217-234-5301assessment@lakelandcollege.edu
Police Department - Emergencies911
Police Department - Main LineVisitLuther Student Center217-234-5432jbranson@lakelandcollege.edu
Police Department - Non-emergenciesVisitLuther Student Center217-234-5066jbranson@lakelandcollege.edu
President's OfficeVisitBoard and Administration Center 005217-234-5222slaughhunn42647@lakelandcollege.edu
Print Shop 217-234-5264prtshop@lakelandcollege.edu

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