Repeat Course Notification

What it is

Courses in which the content varies from semester to semester or in which a student is expected to gain increased knowledge and skill through repetition are designated as repeatable. These courses, and the maximum number of times each can be repeated, are noted in the course description section of the college catalog. When students repeat courses designated as repeatable, all credit hours and grades are computed in the hours earned and cumulative grade point average.

A student who earns a grade of F in a repeatable course and subsequently repeats it and earns a passing grade may request to have only the last credit hours and grade earned computed in the students’ cumulative grade point average.

Students may repeat other courses that are not designated as repeatable with the understanding that only the last credit hours and grades earned will be computed in the students’ grade point average.

Students should be aware that repeating courses may impact their financial aid. Because repeat course policies vary from college to college, students planning to transfer are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policy of the college they will attend.

What to do

  • The Admissions and Records Office must be notified by the student in writing on the proper form of a repeated course to insure the repeat is noted on the transcript.
  • Print the Repeat Course Notification form and list the course(s) you wish to repeat. This form is also available in the Admissions and Records Office or at the Effingham Kluthe Center.
  • Mail or fax the completed form to the Admissions and Records Office at the following address:
    Lake Land College
    Attn: Admissions and Records
    5001 Lake Land Blvd.
    Mattoon, IL 61938
    Fax: 217-234-5390