Reporting Process

Students who display concerning behaviors may be reported to the BIT through the submission of the Behavioral Incident Report Form. When this report form is submitted electronically, all members of the BIT receive email notification that a report has been submitted.

Submission of a Report

The Behavioral Incident Report Form may be accessed in the following ways:

  • Via the Referral Form link on the left side of this page
  • Via the Laker Hub by clicking the “Report an Incident” tab at the right of the screen

Referrals may also be made by contacting one of the BIT members by phone, email or in-person. After receiving a referral, the BIT may ask the referring individual to complete the Incident Report Form for documentation purposes. In addition to reporting concerning behaviors through the BIT Reporting Process, referring individuals should inform their supervisor that a referral was made and provide information regarding the situation as appropriate.

Receipt of a Report

Upon receipt of the report, the team implements the following steps:

  1. A BIT team member will contact the referring individual to offer support and gather any additional information to assist in developing a response. Additional information regarding the student’s situation may be gathered in any of the following ways:
    • Consultation with other faculty in whose classes the student is enrolled.
    • Consultation with staff who work with the student due to an affiliation with TRiO, Student Accommodations, Veteran’s Services, LEAP or other campus offices or services.
    • Criminal background check.
  2. The BIT meets to review gathered information and recommend a response. Typical responses include:
    • Contacting the student to arrange a time to meet with a BIT member or with a staff member who is already familiar with the student to provide support. The goal of these meetings is to assist the student in resolving challenges, identifying resources, making better choices, etc.
    • Referral to the disciplinary process as outlined in the student code of conduct.
  3. A BIT team member will follow-up with the referring individual periodically to update them on the team’s progress in addressing the reported concern.