Lake Land College Early Advantage Program (LEAP)

The Lake Land College Early Advantage Program (LEAP) provides collaboration between student services departments and faculty members to ensure students are aware of the support services provided on campus and in the community. Through the Lake Land College Early Advantage Program, students are provided with immediate contact information via their student email account. The information identifies services on campus that might be beneficial to achieving success in the course.

If your instructor is concerned about your progress in his/her course, he/she will communicate that concern electronically to the Lake Land College Early Advantage Program. This referral will generate an automatic email through your Lake Land College email account. When you receive the notification, please call or email the contact and make an appointment with the person listed in your email.

The program is voluntary; you do not have to participate. If you receive a notification, please let the contact know you do not wish to participate in the program. You always have the option of changing your mind and receiving services.

Any assistance you receive is confidential and will not appear on any Lake Land College transcript. It is a program to help you successfully complete your goals.

To talk to a counselor or receive tutoring is free. We have many resources on campus and in the community that are also free. We encourage you to take advantage of them.

You do not have to wait for your teacher to make a referral. You are more aware than anyone else if you are struggling with the material, have trouble managing time or need help with study skills. The time to seek help is when you begin to have difficulty, not after you have failed several homework assignments or tests. Please contact Counseling Services or click on Student LEAP in the Laker Hub if you wish to participate in the program.