Instructional and Quality Standards Manual

Information regarding the dual credit program, students, coordinator, instructor, requirement, instructions with screenshots, and calendar all available in this PDF manual.


Process – all instructors must be approved through the Dual Credit Office and the Division Chair

According to the Higher Learning Commission:

“…faculty members teaching dual credit courses should hold the same minimal qualifications as required by the institution of its own faculty…This requirement is not intended to discount or in any way diminish the experience that the high school teacher brings into a dual credit classroom. Such classroom experience alone, however lengthy or respected, is not a substitute for the content knowledge needed for college credit.”

Transfer Courses

In order to teach 100-level or higher dual credit coursework, instructors must hold a master’s degree in the discipline or a master’s degree and at least 18 graduate hours in the discipline.

Career and Technical Education Courses

In order to teach career and technical level coursework (levels 040-099), instructors must hold a bachelor’s degree and at least 2,000 hours of work experience in the field.

Master of Education Degrees

In compliance with the Higher Learning Commission, Lake Land College recognizes that:

“…dual credit faculty members who have obtained a Master of Education degree, but not a master’s degree in a discipline such as English, Communications, History, Mathematics, etc., may have academic preparation to satisfy HLC’s expectations. In this context, the curricula of graduate degrees in the field of Education, when inclusive of graduate-level content in the discipline and methods courses that are specifically for the teaching of that discipline, satisfy HLC’s dual credit faculty expectations. In other words, the attainment of a Master of Education degree does not demonstrate a qualification to teach dual credit courses in a particular discipline unless it is demonstrated that the content of that

faculty member’s Master of Education degree is sufficiently related to the discipline of the dual credit course.”

This is determined at the discretion of each of the college’s academic divisions. Instructors entertaining a desire to teach dual credit courses should consult with the appropriate division chair for a transcript evaluation.


Virtual Machine

  • You will login to your Virtual Machine(VM) off-campus here:
  • You can find instructions on how to install VMware Horizon onto your device in this PDF: Installing the VMware Horizon Client.
  • Username is first part of your Laker email (letters and numbers) before the @ symbol.
  • Initial password to the computer or Virtual Machine(VM) is their initials(capitalized) + 6 digit birthdate + !
  • Example:  John Doe, born 07/04/1980.  His password would be JD070480!


  • You will login to the HUB here:
  • First, you will have to authenticate through a Microsoft sign in
  • Username is your full Laker email address
  • Initial password is just your 6 digit birthdate.
  • For help setting up Multi-Factor Authentication, watch this video:
  • After you have authenticated, you will be redirected to the Laker Hub login screen
  • HUB username is the first part of your Laker email (letters and numbers) before the @ symbol.
  • Initial password for your Laker Hub is just your 6 digit birthdate.
  • Example:  John Doe, born 07/04/1980.  His password would be 070480.

Canvas and Email

If you have any issues with their user ID, please call the Lake Land Helpdesk at 217-234-5261 or send an email to

Division Chair Information

For information in regards to curriculum or program questions please contact your Program Lead or the Division Chair.

Instructor Resources

For any instructor resources, go here:

Library Resources

All dual credit students and instructors have access to online library services with their Laker Hub login and password. Online library services include access to over sixty databases containing scholarly journals, ebooks, newspapers, and magazines. Some databases available in the Canvas course menu and rich content editor toolbar from external apps icon.

Classes are more than welcome to schedule a day and time to visit the Lake Land College Library in order to use the electronic materials and check out books. The Information Services Librarian can visit your school for a college-level library resources presentation that matches the needs of your curriculum. Please contact Sarah Hill at 217-234-5440 or

Go here for more library information:

Contact us

Dual Credit Office at 217-234-5044 or email at