Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees at Lake Land College are very affordable and among the lowest in the state. Likewise, our textbook rental program also helps students save approximately $1,700 per year!

In addition to tuition and fees, you could have several other indirect costs of attending college such as room and board, transportation, and personal expenses. These additional expenses are not costs that are paid to Lake Land College and are averages that help us determine the average cost of attendance for our students when awarding financial aid. You may not have all of these expenses, and the cost associated with each category could vary depending on your circumstances.

The budget for 2022-2023 used to estimate cost of attendance based on a full-time (15 credit hours per semester), in-district student during the fall and spring semesters is listed below:

Dependent Student Independent Student
Tuition, Fees, & Book Rental $3,960 $3,960
Room and Board $4,000 $6,000
Transportation* $3,106 $3,106
Personal Expenses $1,792 $1,792
Supplies $530 $530
Total $13,388 $15,388

*Transportation costs are not included for students enrolled in WEB only courses.

Your actual costs of attendance will vary based on your enrollment level, residency status, living arrangements, transportation costs, and lifestyle. This page is here to provide estimated costs so you can plan ahead and determine how much money you may need to attend Lake Land College.

Special Programs

Some programs at Lake Land require you to buy additional supplies, kits, or tools. The table below lists additional charges that you may incur if you enroll in one of these programs.

2022-2023 Anticipated Special Program Costs
AAS.AUTO Automotive Technology $350
CRT.AUTO Automotive Mechanic $288
CRT.COS Cosmetology $2,000
AAS.AGPWR Ag Power Technology $4,300
CRT.AGPWR Ag Power Technology Certificate $4,300
AAS.JDAT John Deere Tech $2,900
AAS.DH Dental Hygiene $3,500 Freshman $2,000 Sophomore
AAS.ADN Nursing – ADN $2,285 Freshman
CRT.PN Practical Nursing $1,680
CRT.MT Massage Therapy $1,300
CRT.ESTH Esthetics $1,800
AAS.PTA Physical Therapist Assistant $600 $900 Sophomore

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