Parents are the most important influence in their children’s chosen career path. Most people spend 14 years in school and 20 years as a parent, but 45 years in a career; more time than anything else in their lives. The right career decision will have an enormously positive impact. Helping your child make a satisfying and successful career choice can be one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting.

Family support is more important than any other factors, including the student’s IQ or economic status. Parents know their child’s interests, abilities and goals better than any other person involved in education. They can help match these to a career.

PCCS Advantages for Your Child

  • Students will enter college with advanced skills and possible credit for work completed in high school
  • Students may be exempt from some courses in college, saving valuable time and money
  • Students may earn preferred admission in highly competitive programs
  • High schools and colleges coordinate curriculum and established pathways provide smooth transitions from high school to college without gaps or duplication
  • Students may be able to earn while they learn because they enter college with advanced skills in their career field

Tips for Helping Your Child Explore Careers