Take classes online this summer!

Whether you are heading home this summer, have an internship or staying on campus, you can take advantage of Lake Land’s online classes! Our summer courses are a great way to earn transferable credit or get ahead to lighten your load during the regular school year. Benefits of Lake Land College summer classes include:

  • More than 100 online transferable classes
  • No Friday classes
  • Affordable tuition
  • Textbook rental

Summer term begins June 3 while Intersession begins May 13. Click here to view the summer schedule.

 Get Started

  1. Create a Laker Profile and submit the Intent to Enroll.
  2. If you are attending a college other than Lake Land, declare yourself a non-degree student.
  3. If you have taken a Lake Land College class or dual credit class before, you are a readmit student. If you have never taken a Lake Land College class, you are a new student.
  4. Select your major as NDP.CRSE Transfer Course Enrollee if you plan on only taking summer courses with us.

Next Steps

  1. As a non-degree seeking student, you will be eligible to enroll once your Intent to Enroll is processed. This typically takes about one business day. Once your Intent is processed, you will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail with important information regarding your student ID and login information.
  2. Registration opens for readmit students on April 1, 2019 and new students on April 15, 2019.
  3. Follow this link for instructions on how to register.
  4. As a non-degree student, you do not have to attend orientation or receive advisement to register. We always encourage you to check with your university or college advisor to discuss your options.

If you would like assistance in selecting Lake Land College courses, please contact Counseling Services at 217-234-5232 or counsel@lakelandcollege.edu.


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