Online Defensive Driving Course Registration

  • The fee for the Traffic Safety Program is $50 for the classroom course and $40 for online course in Shelby, Cumberland, Moultrie, Effingham and Coles counties or $75 for all other counties. You will be sent a statement for the course fee by Lake Land College.
  • If your license is suspended, this course WILL NOT qualify to get your license re-instated
  • Any questions should be directed to the Traffic Safety Program Specialist at 217-235-1282 or by email at

If you received your traffic citation in Coles, Cumberland, Moultrie or Effingham counties you CANNOT register using the form below online, you must register directly with the county.

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Once you submit your registration form, you will be responsible for the fee associated with the class you chose.

If you have chosen to participate in the classroom course, you will receive a class confirmation letter in the mail in 5-7 business days. If you have chosen to participate in the online course, you will receive an email confirmation soon. If you are submitting your online course registration form after business hours, you will receive your confirmation email on the next business day.

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